About RMSP

RMSP is a place where everyone matters.

When you step foot into our doors, we want you to feel welcomed, supported, and motivated to become the best photographer you can be.
Photography school students working together.

We are all about student experience.

Students using their tripods for an outdoor golden hour shoot.

The right info

First and foremost, we prioritize teaching our students the most accurate and up-to-date information about photography, the industry, and the ever-evolving technical skills of our craft. One way we do this is by really emphasizing strong technique, which removes limits on creativity.

Small Groups

When you learn at RMSP, we want you to really learn, and that means you're not just a number in a lecture hall, you are one of 36, or 20, or 12, and our class sizes are based on being able to give you the hands-on support you need.

Great Support

We hear it time and again, the best part of RMSP is the individualized attention. We want to get to know our students, and we want to offer all the support you may need to excel in our programs.


We strive to foster a spirit of community and collaboration. There's no competition with your fellow students here; it's all about pushing each other forward and celebrating each other's successes along the way.
Here are a few reasons we stand out.
Constant Curriculum Innovation
RMSP is an entirely independent, family-owned institution, which means we can continually update and advance our programs based on changes in the industry and student feedback.
Hands-On Education; Not Just Theory
When you learn at RMSP, you are not stuck in a classroom the entire time. Yes, we will fill your brain with all the right theory, but theory without practice is useless. We take our students on shoots with us to help them solidify important concepts.
Our Instructors Actively Shoot/Work
There is much to be said about experience, but our instructors bring both experience and a working knowledge of what it takes to "make it" in today's photo industry, not the industry of 20 years ago.

See how RMSP Stacks up Against other photo schools.

The Rest
Constant Curriculum Innovation; No Limitations
Hands-On Practice Alongside Instructors
Not Usually
Individualized Support
Shorter Programs; Not Stuck in School Forever
Learn from Instructors Who Actively Practice
Who knows?

Student Testimonials

What our students are saying.

We can tell you about our programs all day long, but it will mean so much more coming from our past students.

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There are no boring classes, no meaningless assignments, it is a very interactive, hands-on learning experience with industry professionals that make sure you are getting the most of each class.

Headshot of Rai Gonzalez
Rai Gonzalez
2018 Summer Intensive

Life changing, that’s the best way to describe my time at RMSP. The spontaneous choice to attend to RMSP and move nearly 3,000 miles from home to a city I had never been was a big one, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Headshot of Will Elmore
Will Elmore
2021 Professional Intensive

My time at Rocky Mountain School of Photography was nothing short of transformational! A previous student described RMSP as the Hogwarts of photography education, and I couldn't agree more. The whole experience was magical and provided once in a lifetime opportunities. Our education wasn't limited to the classroom; we were constantly out experimenting and putting to practice what we learned.

Headshot of Laura Werling
Laura Werling
2019 Professional Intensive

Our methods stem from our history.

Our school's founder, Neil Chaput de Saintonge, studied with Ansel Adams in 1973, which sparked his passion for prioritizing technical excellence in his own photography lessons.
We still utilize this approach today, teaching our students technical excellence so that they can move past their confusion to create truly stunning, creative work.
Our Team

Meet our passionate TEAm of educators

All of our office staff and our instructors are not only photographers themselves, but they are experienced in student support and straight-up helpfulness.
Meet the team
A team of RMSP instructors.
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