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What is so unique about RMSP's intensive programs?

In other words, why should you learn with us?
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Both Summer Intensive & Professional Intensive include:

Hands-on, in-person instruction & support
Small group sizes for maximum learning
Opportunities for one-on-one mentorship
Exclusive alumni perks after the program

...But they differ immensely

Learn about some of the main differences between the programs below.

Summer Intensive

  • Fully packed, 6-week, enthusiast program
  • For the photography lovers who want to indulge their hobby in Montana for 6 weeks
  • Program condenses the technical & creative know-how of professional-quality photography to make sure you walk away with new confidence
  • Primary photo genres include landscape, people, wildlife, and fine-art photography
  • Leads students through basic & intermediate photography skills: camera, creative, editing, light, and output
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Professional Intensive

  • Rigorous, 8-month, career-oriented program
  • For the career starters or career changers who want thorough guidance on developing part- or full-time photo businesses
  • Program teaches expert photography skills, but also how to prepare for the realities of creative entrepreneurship
  • Program focuses on meeting clients' needs in retail (wedding, portrait) commercial (advertising, product) & editorial industries
  • Leads students through many advanced skills, including extensive studio lighting, image editing, business and marketing
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