Mike Malament

Professional Intensive 2018-2019

Western Montana

For the last 10 years, I've been working as a self-taught professional photographer based out of Missoula, Montana.

Since I started my company in 2009, RMSP has been on my radar. Over the years, I watched friends who attended the program and saw the quality of their work improve drastically. Having spent the last ten years within a niche market of whitewater action sports photography, I'm familiar with the demands and challenges involved in making a living as a photographer. However, I reached a point where I was feeling stuck and unsure how to grow and expand within my career.

After reading through the comprehensive PI curriculum I was convinced that attending PI would give me the skills and vision to move forward. I made the choice to attend PI because I didn't want to waste any more time trying to figure it out on my own. Having now completed PI I can say that it was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life. To be fully immersed in photography in a supportive, positive and engaging environment for nine months was invaluable.

My technical competency as a photographer has grown leaps and bounds and I have significantly more confidence in my abilities. I now am able to take on new and interesting photography work, a lot of which is outside of my niche specialty of whitewater action sports.

The PI program moves at a fast and demanding pace which, in my experience is not unlike the actual job of being a photographer. Having the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and collaborate with other photographers was incredibly enlightening.  Additionally, RMSP strongly emphasizes personal growth and development. The staff really pushes you to go beyond who you are as a photographer and explore who you are as a person.

Coming out of PI, I'm not only running my existing company more efficiently, I'm also getting new opportunities and constantly expanding the range of my abilities.

The PI program has given me the support, tools, direction and confidence to go forward and create a profitable and meaningful career in photography. I honestly wish that I had taken the PI program ten years ago when I started my company. If you are dedicated to making it as a photographer and want the opportunity to jumpstart your career this is an experience that should not be missed!

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Mike Malament

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