Justin Gambill

Professional Intensive 2018-2019

North Carolina

It’s been years since I graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Photography and I am still so grateful for the experience.

When I first graduated, I wrote:

“Before attending “PI”, I knew all the basics of photography. I just needed to learn how to make it a business and learn the more advanced stuff. By the end of the first week of PI, I knew that I knew nothing about the basics.”

“The basics” doesn’t even begin to cover it, the education I received from PI was foundation-building.

Professional Intensive gives you all the necessary tools and knowledge to start your photography career, YES! You’re taught by professional photographers & instructors in a room filled with fellow creatives, OF COURSE; but one of the biggest assets I received from PI was the community.

When I returned home from RMSP, I was no longer surrounded by fellow creatives on a daily basis anymore. I began letting self-doubt creep in again, almost to the point of selling my camera and giving up.

Luckily, I had made some really good friends in PI who wouldn’t let me. They were still there as a constant source of encouragement and motivation, and I’d like to think I was the same for them.

Over 4 years after my PI graduation, and I still feel completely comfortable with reaching out to any of my instructors for answers or opinions.

They don’t stop caring once you leave; and for me, knowing I’m not alone is PRICELESS!

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Justin Gambill

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