Gabe Biderman

Gabriel Biderman, a travel and self taught fine art photographer for over 17 years, loves the process of creating the image. Classic cameras, pinholes, and plastic cameras help push the visions along. Gabe is a big fan of choosing a specific camera to get into a certain mindset. He tries to spend some quality time in his darkroom every month – though, thanks to Lensbabies and his Nikon D700, the digital darkroom is piquing his interest in pixels! Gabe moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago and started working as a fine art printer, but with the onslaught of digital, those jobs quickly became hard to come by. Soon after that, he was hired by a small local mom and pop photo store called B&H, which provides him the opportunity to try out the latest gear and make some amazing friends. For the last six years, he has been representing B&H at various trade shows and seminars taking pictures along the way – from Paris to Oklahoma and Hawaii! in 2013, along with fellow RMSP instructor Tim Cooper, Gabe released his first book, Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots.


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