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How to fund your RMSP education

Some Suggestions!
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Where to start?

It seems like every RMSP student pays for their education in a different way, whether that be via a private loan, a family loan, out of pocket, VA benefits, a generous family member, or a multitude of trade-school or art-school specific scholarships.
While RMSP cannot accept any Federal Financial Aid student loans, there are other options available to help you fund your education. Read on for suggestions or feel free to give us a call anytime for more guidance!
A few options to help finance your education

financing options for professional intensive

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan® for Career Training
With this loan, you can borrow up to the full cost of your education. A creditworthy cosigner may also help you qualify and/or receive a lower interest rate. Students have the option to defer all payments until after school has completed.
VA Education Benefits
RMSP’s Professional Intensive program is approved for VA education benefits. We have had many students use VA benefits to pay for their education at RMSP, whether they were a veteran themselves or were using a family member's VA benefits. Read more about VA benefits here.
RMSP High School Scholarships
Every year, RMSP awards five $5,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who display academic excellence and a desire to build a photography career. To apply, follow the steps listed on our scholarship page and email Bob McGowan at
Source your own scholarships
Get prepared to do a little bit of reading, some internet research of websites, and don’t be afraid to just apply to scholarships that you think you have a chance to get!
Personal Loan from Family/Friend
Many folks have a family member or a close family friend who may help them fund their education or provide a personal loan. If you're soliciting this option, prepare a proposal for them as to why it's worth it!
Raising Money
Hold a donate-to-my-education photoshoot event, get going on a good ol'-fashioned bake sale, or even look into crowdsourcing some funding. These options have worked for some students in the past!
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Financing options for Summer Intensive

Clearwater Credit Union Summer Intensive Loan

Any student interested in Summer Intensive is welcome to apply for a student loan through the Clearwater Credit Union in Missoula. This loan option is open to any student accepted into the program, regardless of their current bank or where they currently reside. See details below.

Paying out of pocket

Most people who attend Summer Intensive pay out of the pocket for the program, save up for a year or more beforehand to pay their tuition, or they maybe have a generous benefactor or a personal loan from a family member. We recommend these methods whenever possible to avoid taking on personal debt.

Clearwater Credit Union
Summer Intensive Loan information

  • Must be accepted into Summer Intensive to apply for loan.
  • Must be 18+ to apply for loan.
  • Must provide a letter of acceptance from RMSP.
  • Clearwater will pay RMSP directly on your behalf.
  • Maximum loan* amount is $4,000.

*All loans subject to approval. Insured by NCUA.

Visit the Clearwater website for more details.
Questions about financing?

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