Public Lecture Series


People come from all corners of the globe to attend our Career Training program in Missoula. The mountain peaks of Glacier National Park and wildlife viewing opportunities found in Yellowstone National Park attract even more to our Montana-based Workshops and Photo Weekends. But these three programs are not all we do.

We embrace our role as a photography resource in western Montana and strive to provide offerings in our facilities when we can. These offerings include an annual Public Lecture Series, Open Houses for anyone interested in learning more about what we do, and Missoula’s First Friday Art Walks every month. On this page you can see a listing of our upcoming local events. Check back regularly as we will add events as opportunities arise.

Public Lecture Series

HausnerCliff_00070Our Public Lectures are free and accessible to people in the Missoula area. This series runs annually from November through April, with monthly lectures taking place on the third Tuesday of the month (except November) from 7 – 9 pm.

All lectures take place in Studio B at RMSP
Enter through the set of double glass doors at 210 N. Higgins and follow the signs.


November 12, 2013

Neil Chaput de Saintonge
Part I: What’s New in Interchangeable Lens Cameras  -  Part II: Intermediate Exposure Techniques
RMSP founder and co-owner, Neil Chaput de Saintonge is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to camera gear. From cameras to tripods to lenses and most accessories, he is a one-stop shop. Join him for this two-part lecture covering the latest trends in DSLRs and methods for achieving proper exposure in a variety of scenarios.

Part I, 7-8pm
Interchangeable Lens Cameras – Camera features are always changing and evolving. This lecture will get you caught up on brands, models and what is most important to have on your camera and what you really do not need. Neil will give handouts and discuss the newest cameras – the mirror-less cameras – and why this could be a good direction for many people especially those who want to travel light with their camera. Neil will show you how you can put together a great system for under $500. With the holidays approaching, this is a timely lecture for those photographers (including yourself!) on your gift list.

Part II, 8-9pm
Intermediate Exposure Techniques – Exposure has always been one of the more difficult aspects of photography to master. Neil, who learned exposure techniques from Ansel Adams, will narrow down your exposure choices to just a few methods. These easy-to-remember techniques are dependent on what you are shooting. You’ll understand exposure and metering modes, along with exposure compensation, much better after attending this lecture. Neil will show many examples to explain what he is teaching. This is not a basic class in f-stops and shutter speeds. A basic knowledge of exposure is necessary to get the most out of the lecture. Please join us for one or both of these informative lectures.

Neil will give a short break between the lectures for those who need to come or go.

December 17, 2013

Kathy Eyster
Outsource Printing with Lightroom
Printing your photos is a great way to share them with family and friends. Whether you are ordering holiday cards or a large canvas print, you can get fantastic results when you prepare your images to meet the needs of the photo lab. In this presentation Kathy Eyster shows you the right choices to make in Lightroom for resolution, size, sharpening and more along with recommended photo labs to ensure your printed image is the best it can be.

January 21, 2014

Doug Johnson
Night Photography
Have you ever wanted to capture the excitement of a busy city, the quiet ambiance of your favorite restaurant or the magic of star light, but have been frustrated by the your results. Low light can be difficult for many competent photographers and the most sophisticated camera systems. In this insightful lecture, Doug Johnson will present easy solutions to solve the challenges of exposure, white balance and contrast, so you can venture out with confidence to capture the spirit of the light at night.

February 18, 2014

Pam Voth
Don’t Wake the Tiger! Tips and Techniques for Great Animal Photography at Home and Abroad
What kind of animals do you like to photograph? Lions, and tigers and bears? Or maybe cats and dogs? How about birds and bees? Pam Voth will share stories from the field and some valuable techniques she’s learned from years of photographing animals – both wild and tame. Animal photography requires a delicate balance between infinite patience and lightning speed. Learn how to use the elements of light, composition, depth of field and timing to express your own vision with your animal photography.

March 18, 2014

Eileen Rafferty
Contemporary Trends in Photography
Photography is an exciting and constantly evolving medium. In this class, we will examine the major trends happening today, identify key innovators working with these techniques and discuss how and why this trend has evolved. Since history repeats itself, we will also examine the historical counterpart to each contemporary trend.

April 15, 2014

Doug Ness
Photography as Contemporary Art
Contemporary Art is all about the concepts and ideas behind the work. Where does photography fit in? What kind of photography do museums and galleries want to show? How important is the imagery itself? These are some of the questions we will address in this lecture.