Student Testimonial


Rhonda Adkins Montana

Career Training 2012

Attending Rocky Mountain School of Photography was one of the most important and life changing decisions of my life.  It enabled me to fulfill a dream that I never thought would come true.  Summer Intensive taught me all the basics of photography and a few advanced skills but it was Professional Studies and Advance Intensive that helped me create a career.

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I knew even before I started school that I wanted to be a professional food photographer, a very specialized area in photography.  Imagine my joy when I found out that RMSP offered a professional study by a renowned food photographer.  I got the opportunity to be taught by one of the best in the business!

Like many career fields, food photography is tough to break into; based on the advice of the RMSP staff I also took two other professional courses. Stock photography and The Modern Studio; unbeknownst to me at the time it would end up being an invaluable asset.   Although I have work as a food photographer and have been published in magazines and the newspaper it was these two other courses that have helped in the ‘dry spells’.

To supplement my income I’m a stock photographer for and I do portrait photography, neither of which I ever imagined myself doing.  Not only that, I love the variety that it offers me.  However, none of this would have taken off if I hadn’t attended Advance Intensive.

It was in AI that I learned what it meant to be a business person. After spending 22 years in the United States Air Force, I had no clue what it took to run a business and market yourself.  AI taught me a sound business foundation, branding myself and marketing.  Through AI, I developed my logo, business card, website, and marketing mailers.

One of the most valuable aspects of AI was portfolio reviews, our photos are our products and sell us, the photographer.  Having trained professionals review my photos and give me feedback helped me train my eye and enabled me to present myself in the very best way possible.

Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else and I have RMSP and their staff to thank!