Student Testimonial


Megan Jae Riggs Montana

Summer Intensive 2013

To say that RMSP changed my life would be an understatement. I see light in a completely different way and I feel like an artist for the first time in my life – all thanks to SI.

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Before attending SI I was a practicing photojournalist living in Missoula, Montana. I debated attending RMSP because I thought with my background I might be wasting my time and money.

How wrong I was!

I learned more technically in the first weeks of SI than I did at the four-year university program in which I received my undergraduate degree in photojournalism.

At RMSP, I was immersed in the art of photography and really learned how to direct my viewers’ eye, visually tell a story and be a technical wizard in any situation. I feel like a whole new photographer with direction, intention, editing skills and the ability to the print my own images. RMSP is at the forefront of contemporary photography technique and thought, and it shows with their instructors. Not only are they practicing photographers themselves, they somehow manage to have the ability to be great teachers as well.

RMSP would not be what it is without the community of artists and visionaries that is their staff. My summer spent at RMSP was by far one of the most rewarding and incredible summers of my life.