Student Testimonial


Margaret Haugen North Dakota

Basic Photography in Missoula - 2011

Before RMSP’s Basic Photography workshop, I was strictly a point and shoot photographer.  After studying the RMSP website I decided to enroll, but I was concerned.  I wasn’t sure if I had it in me.  The basics of manual shooting – aperture, shutter speed, ISO – it all sounded kind of daunting.

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The instructor Doug and his assistant Jen were great!  My classmates were a wonderful diverse group.  I learned so much and had so much fun that if I could have, I would have stayed another week!   The structure of the workshop was perfect with a great balance of classroom time, shooting and critiquing.  I truly enjoyed it and feel as if I am at a new level. I now enjoy photography more than ever and I want to learn more! The class was very much worth the time and money and I am looking forward to future RMSP experiences.