Mandy Gransell

Professional Intensive 2022-2023

Green Bay, Wisconsin

After graduating high school without a clear path, I explored and attended different creative programs at colleges, and even worked for a while trying to find my place in the world. It wasn't until I discovered Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP), that I found my true calling. Photography, once just a hobby, started to become a viable career option for me with RMSP's hands-on approach to the industry. The school's immersive learning experience surpassed anything I had encountered in a traditional college setting.

RMSP not only taught me the essential skills of a professional photographer, but also provided an unparalleled supportive and creative community. The decision to pursue photography at RMSP was transformative. I built lifelong friendships and am forever thankful for the skills and direction that the school offered. Today, I credit RMSP for enabling me to turn my creative visions into a reality, and for strengthening my ability to produce work that at one point in my life, I had only ever imagined creating.

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Mandy Gransell

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