Laura Werling

Professional Intensive 2018-2019

Buffalo, New York

My time at Rocky Mountain School of Photography was nothing short of transformational! A previous student described RMSP as the Hogwarts of photography education, and I couldn't agree more. The whole experience was magical and provided once in a lifetime opportunities.  Our education wasn't limited to the classroom; we were constantly out experimenting and putting to practice what we learned.  

The RMSP staff truly made everyone feel incredibly welcome and part of the community. RMSP offered a supportive, family environment where I felt comfortable to ask questions and get productive feedback that took my work to the next level and beyond.  So much of my experience there was fun and exciting, and I made life-long friendships with my fellow students.

RMSP provided preparation for the business of photography, as well as the creative and the technical. RMSP gave me the fundamental tools to understand and start my own business. I can also say with confidence, now that I am working as a professional photographer, that I have been prepared for the actual work.  Sometimes, even more prepared than my self-taught peers who have been working as professional photographers for years.  The level of detail we were given the opportunity to learn is extraordinary, and not common among other photography education programs.

One of my biggest takeaways from RMSP was something Neil said on one of our first days of school; ìThe more you know, the more you know you don't know.î This could not be more true as my world has been opened to the possibilities in this career, thanks to RMSP. My education doesn't end because I graduated from RMSP, it is only just beginning, and I thank RMSP for opening the door to my future.

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Laura Werling

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