Student Testimonial


Kathy Ladley Virginia

Olympic National Park Workshop

My interest in photography started because I wanted to go on photography trips with my husband, but I had never really taken any pictures. My husband suggested we go to a RMSP Photo Weekend in Atlanta. The weekend course gave me the courage to attend an RMSP Basic Photography workshop in Idaho. There I began to understand what makes a good composition.

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In May of 2013 my husband and I took the Olympic National Park workshop with Don Mammoser. From the first meeting in Forks, WA, I appreciated Don’s welcoming and relaxed manner. The other participants were talented and fun to be around as well.

Don had each shoot location planned out for the times the light would be the best. These locations included the Hoh Rain Forest with moss-covered trees and gorgeous waterfalls. Other locations included expansive mountain vistas and dramatic beach scenes.

A typical day included a sunrise shoot, midday critique of photos and an evening shoot. The critiques of the photos were especially encouraging and informative!

In the field Don made sure that he took time with each student. He taught what was interesting to each individual in the group. He encouraged, helped and challenged me to get the photos right in the camera. He was motivating to everyone at their own level, and personally took me to a new level of photography. Plus he made learning fun!

Some of the special techniques I learned were how to photograph him as a ghost, double exposures, how to use a polarizer, neutral density filters, when to use different lenses, when to use tripods and how to take the best macro photography shots.

Immediately after this workshop my husband I took the RMSP Lightroom course in Chicago. It helped me to produce the finished the photo and send it where it needs to go.

The workshops at RMSP have allowed me to see wonderful and amazing places, while making new friends. Most importantly it provided me with a solid foundation on how to be a good photographer. I now have a love for photography and see everything with new eyes amazed at the beauty around me.