Juleon McGinnis

Professional Intensive 2018-2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I just want to start off by saying, if youíre thinking about PI then you just have to do it! I flew to Missoula on a week's notice of getting accepted into the program, with two large suitcases, and a family friend to pick me up from the airport. While I had already been working as a professional photographer for two years, I decided to take that extra step and come to RMSP to totally polish off and refine my skills and business as a whole.

It was one of the best choices I have made in my whole life, not only for my skills and career as a photographer, but who I am as a person. The school not only has some of the best people to learn from, but they care about your needs and the overall success in your future as a creative professional. I was one of the more advanced students coming into the program, and I can say I honestly learned a lot more than I ever expected I would. I ended up telling multiple people that I learned more about photography in the first two weeks coming to RMSP than I did in my two years attending a very good art school. RMSP will give you the skills you need to start on the path to your professional career as a creative, and then it is up to you to make it happen. But both the school and your classmates will always be there for support. I know I can reach out to any of the people I was in class with about anything I might have a question about -- and that also goes for the alumni that I wasnít in class with -- because RMSP is a family and when you go through any of the courses, you become part of that family.

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Juleon McGinnis

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