Student Testimonial


Ginnie Haunschild Texas

Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn - 2012

From the Vegas Strip to Zion – two very different locations – but when it comes to learning nighttime photography and all it entails, I don’t think you could find a better match. Add to this scenario two great instructors in Gabe Biderman and Tim Cooper and you have one full, intensive week of learning!

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Gabe is a nighttime photography guru and enthusiast. Tim is an accomplished photographer with an evident passion for the landscape. Both have an abundance of knowledge. Collectively, they generously share their love of photography in a caring manner, bringing different perspectives to the daily critiques that only push you to look at your images with greater detail and understanding.

Reflecting on my experience, I am most amazed at how much learning nighttime photography has helped my overall understanding of the medium. I came to the workshop knowing how to operate my camera in manual mode and a very basic knowledge of postā€processing and lighting techniques. Now, the manual operation comes almost intuitively and I have a stronger grasp of how much light and movement you capture with different exposures. Working with a Lensbaby during the workshop helped me appreciate focusing and composition on a totally different level and I learned some very cool Photoshop layer and masking techniques. If that’s not enough, I can now paint with light too!

Most of all, learning nighttime photography has helped me appreciate the benefit of slowing down the process when shooting an image. Believe me . . .working in the dark you have little choice. But, actualizing the benefits of a slower process has helped my photography overall and for that I am most grateful.