EllieAna Smith

Professional Intensive 2019-2020

Western Montana

I tell everyone who asks about my time at RMSP that it was the best decision I could have ever made. The “photography career” seed was planted in my head my junior year of high school and it slowly began to turn into my dream of being a wedding photographer. I attended RMSP’s open house my senior year and that really solidified my decision of “I have to go to this school."

I attended PI in 2019 and I never could have guessed that it would be craziest and most wonderful year yet. The support system you receive while going to this school will last a lifetime. I still look up to and lean on others that I went to school with. The Instructors are more than incredible and truly want you to succeed in life. Everyone says it, but I will say it again, the students and instructors at RMSP really are a big family. After graduating, I am living out my dream of being a professional wedding and portrait photographer and I owe so many thanks to RMSP.

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EllieAna Smith

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