Aly Johnson

Professional Intensive 2017-2018

Baltimore, Maryland

I finally got my chance to attend Professional Intensive in fall 2017, and boy did I have high expectations!

While the internet has many offerings for the aspiring photog, quality and currency of those resources was always something I felt skeptical of. When you're trying to build a business in an exciting but competitive industry, education is nothing to take lightly. Cue RMSP - All the tools, all the techniques already gathered for you in one place, with ALL the professionalism and all the contacts you could possibly need to grow your photo business. Hands down, I think RMSP has one of the most effective learning models for a non-traditional photography education that WILL equip you to succeed. Instructors are readily available to teach and critique work, including business plans and web design, and the level of expertise among staff is phenomenal! I'm not talking about people who just have a degree to teach photography but people who have worked in the industry anywhere from 15 -30+ years sharing their knowledge. RMSP is where I fell in love with studio and food photography; give me all the tacos and ice cream and I'm a happy girl, haha! With the guidance of fantastic commercial photography instructors, I was able to explore just how far I could take that passion to reach aspirations of a career in food & lifestyle.

Through assignments in both lighting and visual concepts I learned what my creative perspective was and polished my style both behind the camera and in post production. By the end of the program I had orchestrated two on-location shoots for my final -- they involved lifestyle models, food styling, and prop management. I realized I was capable of pulling off projects I would have felt grossly underqualified for prior to the program, and my confidence and photography technique grew exponentially. In the year following graduation, I hit the ground running as a freelance photographer and have already worked on a retainer basis with restaurants making a substantial side hustle while I work myself into the industry full-time.

If you're worried that attending Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Professional Intensive is too big a sacrifice, please just consider the big picture; there will never be a "perfect time" to make a commitment this significant, but it is 100% possible. It may be the one commitment that leads you into your future photography successes. If photography is your passion, give yourself the chance to make it your dream job!

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Aly Johnson

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