2024 RMSP High School Photo Contest

Final Results

Our amazing judges narrowed down over 50k photos to just four final winners! See the winning images below.
Grand Prize Winner

E. Seal

Category Winners


E. Seal

There's something beautiful cinematic about this scene. It really tells a story and feels like it transports you to another time. The interior of the car feels dated, so while it could be today, it could also be the 1970s. The composition is bold and having the subject so close to the edge of the frame looking outside of the frame adds a sense of tension and mystery. It makes you wonder what he's looking at and makes you want to learn more of the story. The leading lines work great, as do the subtle complementary colors (the blue sky and the glow of reflected yellow light on the person). The edit is subtle and not overbearing, allowing the subject matter and composition to speak for itself. Well done!

Pei Ketron
Travel & Mobile Photographer, Educator

K. Herbert

This beautiful image gives me a feeling of peacefulness, reflectiveness and nostalgia. There is a compelling depth to the composition and the tonalities/hues give a feeling of timelessness. There is a story hidden beneath the surface of this image that the viewer can write for themselves. Bravo to the creator!

Lindsay Adler
Fashion, Beauty, Commercial Photographer

W. Fann

The elegance of the simplicity drew me in. A beautiful metaphor for life itself.

Ami Vitale
Nat Geo, Wildlife, Documentary Photographer

L. Cook

I love the composition. Drawn to the story of it all. Only led to think of the moving pieces that are frozen in this frame or the sounds captured but not heard. The mood of this image makes you feel like you were there enjoying the perspective yourself. For me it would be with some sort of fair food and a few friends to laugh with. The color of the image just feels so natural and true. Deciding to not over expose here was a great call. Makes you think of the details or the persons. It's always a journey to jump in and "judge" work that someone else has done. Love how this person saw the world in this moment. As with all the other images. The amount of beautiful images captured or created were amazing! Thanks for inviting me into your moment.

Jon Taylor Sweet
Wedding, Commercial, Editorial Photographer

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Top 100


K. Bjerke

S. Lashley

R. Lewis-Gosch

R. Metz

L. Wilson

L. Wilson

M. Carter

J. Fatemi

J. Fatemi

H. Phillips

H. Zuba

M. Sawatzky

P. Springer

W. Nugent

J. Scandling

E. Baaijens

E. Baaijens

D. Nathaniel

M. Cardinal

E. Pilchard

T. Engskow

T. Engskow

E. Ramaekers

G. Watson

A. Dib

R. Oliver-Green

L. Cook

L. Morgan

L. Tsiaras

É. Hodgson

K. Menchu Cruz

k. cain

M. Strauss

G. Chapman

A. Gorman

M. Harris

R. Klein

Z. Beguin

A. Nguyen

H. Olsen

H. Cornwell

N. Pica

C. Opp

K. Barlet

K. Vallandingham

Y. Vazquez

M. Penner

J. Dobis

G. Schnare

M. Laskey

L. Saylor

T. Larsen

T. Korat

R. Yiu

H. Vu

S. Sabharwal

R. Ransome

E. Darling

L. Zhang

R. Mungin

J. Fields

C. Hansen

C. Larson

E. Paresky

E. Paresky

N. Teague

N. Teague

W. Fann

E. Pilchard

Z. Anaya

K. Gillard

S. Molstre

C. Stephant

E. Reeh

E. Cody

J. Vaisman

Q. Smilgis

Q. Smilgis

Q. Smilgis

J. Fagan

D. Wang

B. Keating

E. Goldberg

C. White

E. Wood

G. Donovan

O. Pergant Johnson

C. Saari

E. Hendrix

C. Breckenfeld

L. Weiss

L. Sturm

A. Cunningham

G. Roos

T. Mignault

F. Charlton

�. 𝐑𝐲𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐢

S. McIntire

R. Lorenzo

N. Lann

Top 100


S. Hamid

A. Chandara

M. Rodriguez

M. Berrett-Larroza

M. Berrett-Larroza

M. Berrett-Larroza

R. Balila

J. Mendoza

J. Mendoza

J. Winans

S. Hsu

S. Gregg

I. Chapman

J. Hermes

G. Kraulytė

I. Park

S. Zerbante

G. Ahlberg

C. Youker

R. Navarro

S. Steiner

G. Wainwright

W. Lin

D. Barabash

B. Levy

A. Tang

B. Levy

W. Swadley

J. Ward

B. McQueen

C. Stanton

R. Goode

M. Warinner

J. Van Dyke

C. Van Pelt

M. Refareal

R. Bagley

K. Green

D. Hernandez

A. Rautray

o. pryor

B. Burrell

C. Tomaszewski

T. Smith

K. Chee

O. Gutierrez

W. Pirich

T. McBride

K. Kimble

A. Simons

L. Zhang

C. Auerswald

J. Armstrong

B. Annison

J. Armstrong

D. Shell

A. Whittle

S. Hammond

O. Davies

H. Farthing

H. Farthing

L. Le

S. Massala

G. Cannone

K. Giannantonio

M. Torres

E. Marion

a. shuey

D. Bivens

A. Zirbel

t. bonniwell

S. Liu

S. Kaufman

S. Liu

F. Beery

M. Mauk

T. Reed

J. Larson

B. Garner

L. Shipley

T. Ware

M. Johnson

A. Power

G. Murdock

M. Phegley

R. White

J. Williams

J. Porter

S. Jiang

D. Simon

M. Yu

M. Fulton

A. Paredes-Akimoto

B. Rutherford

T. Delgado

N. Boggs

A. Maskal

E. Can Duyne

K. Herbert

E. Brohart

Top 100


W. Carraway

L. Cook

S. Davis

E. Skira

A. Guest

K. Vandygrift

A. Celi

N. Singh

D. Prezant

D. Prezant

h. wilson

K. Smith

J. Lopez

M. Goldsmith

B. Goldstein

S. Kopparapu

A. Sungur

J. North

T. Engskow

A. Hadjkouider

A. Senthil Kumaran

R. Oliver-Green

M. Mwaura

M. Sommer

W. Swadley

E. Petersen

W. Anoka

L. Tsiaras

L. Othen

c. brekka

M. Pricinsky

D. Sobczak

C. Grygorcewicz

M. Olsen

N. Teague

E. Lujan

D. Goyal

H. Olsen

K. Simeon

A. Gonzalez

D. Murnan

O. Salvisburg

H. Ye

P. Jenkins

M. Corbin

F. Roque

Q. Moronchuk

K. Carrigan

H. Walters

N. Enochs

J. Flores

P. Evatz

J. Taets

S. Ali

B. Fernandez

A. Hoppes

A. Gajewski

B. Hagan

L. Cochran

B. Sollid

O. Earnest

E. Smith

E. Baez

S. Mazer

B. Bazzel

B. Damiano

N. Jeffords

A. Bish

A. Bish

B. Whalen

C. Hansen

L. Acton

J. Hong

E. Liu

K. Dobkins

E. Pilchard

E. Huang

A. Robidoux

R. Bard

i. nava

C. Hall

A. Colby

N. Strother

L. Sturm

D. Louviere

A. Zeller

S. Cummons

K. Waters

J. Olsen

D. S

R. Benitez

E. Baiotto

A. Miller

M. Phegley

O. Kennedy

Z. Maron

J. Bergeron-Palmer

M. McLaughlin

C. Del Guidice

R. Lorenzo

Top 100


L. Marsland

B. Hagen

I. Park

C. Loyd

J. Alex

R. Huskey

R. Huskey

P. Dubey

K. Dobiyanski

H. Morris

J. Van Horn

M. Boden

H. Wiens

M. Lacroix

K. Murphy

L. Othen

G. Henson

C. Thompson

M. Pizzoli

G. Walker

K. Hundley

M. Larson

Z. Xie

Z. Xie

R. De Guzman

S. Dong

E. Lujan

C. Green

l. Ancheta

E. Ravichandran

E. Seal

T. Langlois-Klassen

T. Langlois-Klassen

J. Bennett

I. Muñoz

H. Ye

N. Moreno

R. Kerr

A. Ramirez

N. Vorobiev

S. Reddy

M. Grudzinski

C. Reed

M. Rickabaugh Rich

T. Phan

J. S

M. McInnis

L. Yap

A. Hewlett

A. Hewlett

T. Alejado

A. Cha

t. rhoton

V. Faria

B. Whalen

O. Hellyer

K. Hoang

V. Pruitt

A. O’Keefe

B. Tyson

A. Taylor

A. Keeler

A. Punaro

K. Belyavskiy

E. Hildebrandt

F. Iveland

J. Fagan

D. Schisler

E. Shay

E. White

A. Cao

A. Cao

A. Lichter

E. Spurgeon

B. Burrell

S. Davis

A. Norlin

B. Wagner

S. Scruggs

C. MacDonald

E. Wilson

C. Kuster

N. Ola

J. Andersen

G. Pinedo

T. Lyon

M. Yu

L. Martin

E. Wilson

L. Gutierrez

P. Johnson

C. Davis

L. Callaway

J. Johnson

W. Blackburn

D. Doyle

J. Hickey

H. Huff

A. Welling

A. Welling

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