2023 RMSP High School Photo Contest

Final Results

Our amazing judges narrowed down over 50k photos to just four final winners! See the winning images below.
Grand Prize Winner

M. Mitchel

Category Winners


M. Mitchel

This shot made me smile and also ponder the possibilities of our imaginations to create humor and make us look harder at the creative possibilities in the minutia of the world around us. The concept is humorous, original, and incredibly well executed in a technical sense - the lighting is wonderful, the frozen moment (whether in camera or composited) is wonderfully captured, and it’s just a brilliant image with a lot of heart and humor and imagination!

Forest Woodward
Lifestyle, Sports, Editorial Photographer

E. Tang

I chose this image for its subtle, quiet simplicity and composition. There is a wonderful sense of depth through the shadows and color. There were many images that were lovely but many of them showed a large degree of post manipulation. I prefer this one because it feels authentic and seems clear that the photographer waited for the right light and found the right composition.

Ami Vitale
Nat Geo, Wildlife, Documentary Photographer

H. Chin

I chose this image because it feels both intentional and thought out, and also spontaneous and organic. I like that you can't tell if this scene was completely directed by the artist, or a found moment. The muted warm color tones, sunlight illuminating her and shadows created on the wall are timeless. Her calm, serene expression shows a moment ripe with reflection and emotion. The image makes you pause, and ponder what the rest of the story might be.

Inti St. Clair
Portrait, Stock, Commercial Photographer

M. Huang

This photo is hauntingly beautiful and the gaze of the model really draws the viewer in. It's often more difficult to set up a a photo and art direct it with a specific vision in mind than it is to just document something that is already in front of you, so I respect the photographer for having this vision and executing it. The dark dramatic lighting matches the mood of the photo and really makes you want to know more about the story behind it. Red is a bold, strong color, so the use of the red flower, as well as the red fabric and the red lipstick all results in a beautiful final product.

Pei Ketron
Travel & Mobile Photographer, Educator

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Top 100


A. Hiranprasitikul

S. Alexander

A. Gettman

J. Carbajal

M. Tufte

F. Vinkemulder

J. Giglio

J. Wu

M. Light

W. Qin

W. Qin

W. Qin

J. Gerber

S. Boxwala

R. Gupta

I. Crimmins

B. Buffa

M. Sawatzky

M. Sawatzky

M. Yu

L. Gillis

K. Daneshi

C. Van Laar

F. Cornejo

R. Herries

N. Parsons

J. Drake

J. Ng

A. Steiger

G. Burns

C. Schmidt

C. Kruse

M. Richardson

B. Grant

J. Kim

A. Turner

B. Abend

O. White

S. Steed

J. Frolich

M. Roustemis

R. Mullen

Y. Santos

C. Jones

C. Jones

M. Lacroix

M. Ghinis

B. Byus

a. mata

M. Guenther

R. Ruckmann-Barnes

A. Reddy

R. Ruckmann-Barnes

C. Lueck

T. Huston

L. Deckard

J. DeLuccia

J. Howe

E. Germana

E. Aragon

C. Zhou-Radies

T. Abueg

T. Abueg

G. Jensen

K. Zhang

Y. Williams

D. Espinosa

Y. Pai

V. Dean

A. Evans

A. Bridges

T. Campbell

J. Galindo

T. Cramer

T. Gully

C. Hentges

J. Mitchell

E. Tang

O. Atkinson

S. White

E. Andrechek

E. Andrechek

O. DeJohn

E. Vail

K. Olney

M. Bartow

M. Hart

M. Ramos

D. Correa

C. Bryan

J. Woolard

M. Manchikatla

K. Cartwright

S. Cipiti

K. Cartwright

L. Arvizu

O. Baumgartner

L. Johnsen

M. Moak

A. Johnson

Top 100


L. Varner

D. Fernandez

H. Chin

W. Qin

W. Qin

K. Fulgencio

J. Fournier

I. Saloufakou

A. McMullin

S. Perez

J. Trepus

D. Sun

K. Chan

L. Mendonca

J. Keller

S. Harris

D. Massey

M. Craycraft

M. Craycraft

P. Hostetler

A. Steiger

P. Tong

Q. Berry

A. Rayne

T. Birch

s. valencia

P. Jadali

M. Yang

C. Doranz

S. Tulin

C. Jones

C. Jones

E. Pounder

Z. Rodger

O. Crace

R. Navarro

G. Mateo

M. Yee

I. Partain

L. McDonald

E. Currie

A. Deitg-Blanchard

E. Shenk

R. Lorenzo

R. Lorenzo

C. Crombie

A. Trice

T. Leafsong

H. Jones

N. Herman

A. Gabtraupov

K. Xiong

V. Dean

T. Janous

P. Kaminkow

S. Waldron

V. Bunn

N. Engel

q. coleman

a. mayer

K. Haugabook

S. Barrios

J. Pippin

A. Al Kayal

A. Al Kayal

A. Bend

Y. Slobonyuk

M. Barkley

H. Dees

J. Foreman

B. Wright

C. Hill

C. Hill

M. Cowan

O. Fritz

U. Khan

S. Miller

R. Knot

C. Rettie

R. Knot

C. Rettie

S. Sessions

A. Wesney

C. Raible

E. Moore

K. England

A. Jones

E. Tang

O. Atkinson

N. Miller

B. Armstrong

C. Darcy

J. Fischer

J. Fischer

J. Schweiger

E. Pil

E. Brown

E. Boehm

D. Peng

M. Rall

Top 100


R. Kim

S. Kang

W. Qin

E. Peters

T. Yamauchi

T. Yamauchi

H. Olsen

L. Doan

G. Whyte

W. Pfau

B. Buffa

G. Sodhi

J. Sandler

R. Kerr

S. Sungur

A. Steiger

L. Tobita

J. Scandling

C. Thomas

A. Jacobs

S. Ma

T. Smith

O. Tran

E. Newton-Hampton

T. Bayat

J. Bliesath-Maldonado

K. Rabideau

L. Xu

S. Fulson

J. Williams

M. Yang

B. Adams

I. Goldstein

R. Mullen

S. Keegan

J. Liu

H. French

L. Moscato

J. Cohen

E. Fuentes

C. Tolton

M. Mitchel

N. Albrechtson

J. Rinaldi

L. Shackelford

B. Fernandez

N. Lum

K. Johnson

K. Dorgan

A. Herle

S. Leasure

A. Sanchez

L. O'Grady

S. Cooper

K. Finders

R. Keuning

S. Perez

A. Guzman

J. Hedrick

K. McElmon

B. Neth

T. Hill

C. Emmert

S. Parekh

I. Torres

S. Jeffs

A. Gilbertson

A. Tessier

M. Faulds

J. Sloan

G. Elliott

E. Pecorale

C. Koester

N. Wilson

R. Green

O. Britton

J. Dyck

C. Young

D. Basile

A. Maxwell

L. Blume

K. Anderson

J. Bachman

K. Anderson

j. lafreniere

B. Pennington

E. Gourley

l. Chaney

L. Lafayette

E. White

M. Huffman

M. Sherrill

Y. Tsubouchi

E. Tang

O. Atkinson

M. Yuan

V. Lopez

Y. Wang

L. Parry

N. Parent

Top 100


L. Keane

T. Miller

A. Burchill

T. Yamauchi

L. Chu

Z. Liu

M. Zuberbuhler

R. Gupta

H. Askew

M. Shimels

m. ory

Y. Lee

B. Belizar

M. Arrechedera

B. Whalen

S. Golambade

L. Mendonca

B. Joel

J. Keller

D. Welch

C. McCarthy

L. Weiss

S. Kopparapu

J. Stepak

E. Kennedy

K. Waldron

N. Commesso

L. Ponzi

C. Jones

E. Gale

M. Blessing

E. Shum

V. Kline

N. Golshanibasir

M. Sahagian

A. Hui

S. Ali

J. Wallis

P. Whan Tong

Q. Smilgis

Q. Smilgis

T. Jones

L. Fellars

S. Diaz

K. O’Neil

S. Padhy

A. Clark-Hunt

C. Solinsky

C. Weeks

L. Scwhier

L. Ponzi

M. Weightman

M. Huang

S. Secor

A. Trela

C. Kitt

K. Waller

B. Honey

E. Fechter

N. Mizui

Y. Shao

C. Ojstrsek

S. Madrigal

E. Germana

A. Laing

L. Le

O. Johnson

B. McDowell

Q. Brinkman

K. Wilson

A. Saling

N. Herman

S. Georger

C. Matthews

A. Meyers

A. Biabani

L. Sparkes

T. Ware

P. Smith

A. Warner

S. McIntire

B. Kim

T. Balay

N. Teague

c. svardh

D. Espinosa

S. Galloway

E. Longson

E. Gourley

C. Meyer

L. Harden

E. Chandler

E. Chandler

E. Andrechek

D. Correa

P. Kaminkow

A. Webb

Y. Chen

Y. Mata

M. Fletcher

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