Matt Hill

Matt Hill is a visual artist, marketing professional, and educator in passionate pursuit of living in the present. His fascination with time dilation and photography began over 20 years ago (in a cemetery) and he has been patiently exploring the art of the long exposure ever since. Using all formats and media, Matt is a fine artist with strong commercial photography training and experience. Combining the ineffable with the technical is one of his greatest strengths. His latest project, NIGHT PAPER, synthesizes cut paper fashions with long exposure portraiture at night.
Matt has taught Night Photography, SEO/Web Marketing and more for 6+ years at WPPI, Photo Plus Expo, the Apple Store at Grand Central and some regional PPA gatherings. With his co-teaching partner, Gabe Biderman, Matt teaches Night Photography workshops in the Hudson Valley of New York and the surrounding area, including Bannerman Island, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, NYC and more.
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08/04/2016 - 08/06/2016
Tuition: $895
06/21/2017 - 06/25/2017
Tuition: $1395