Andrew Nixon is on a Roll
May 8, 2012  Author:  

It just keeps getting better for fine artist, Andrew Nixon. Having just concluded a triumphant exhibition opening of Going Coastal at the RMSP Gallery, Andrew returned home to Boston, MA to discover that he was chosen as one of the winners of the 4th annual Martha’s Vineyard Magazine Photo Contest! Now, that’s what we call […]

Basic Photography in Fredericksburg, TX – April, 2012 Student Slide Show
April 27, 2012  Author:   (1)

Enjoy the results of the most recent session of our Basic Photography workshop, which was held in Fredericksburg, TX. The participants had a good ol’ time and the locals were great sports to boot. Beautiful country and beautiful photography…a home run all the way around. Congratulations and a hardy “Well done!” to all of the […]

Basic Photography in Missoula, MT – February 2012 Student Slide Show

Back in February, the first session of our 2012 Basic Photography workshops took place here in Missoula. During the winter months, Montana experiences snow and weather that makes for interesting subject matter. It’s much different than the more milder climates or other times of the year. Our Basic participants took to learning their cameras and […]

Exhibition Mentorship: Andrew Nixon
April 18, 2012  Author:   (2)

If you’ve ever considered taking huge, bold steps with showing your own artwork, then you’re probably aware that there can be no more rewarding an endeavor than holding a one-person exhibition in a gallery space. Coming up in May, the RMSP Gallery will play host to an exhibition by fine art photographer, Andrew Nixon, which […]

Alumni Friday – Tonya Ballou Peterson
April 13, 2012  Author:   (2)

Since graduating from RMSP’s Summer Intensive in 2004, Tonya Ballou Peterson has been working steadily as a wedding photographer in Utah and New Mexico. When she  graduated, her intention was to pursue commercial and food photography, but after a disastrous experience with her own wedding photographer in 2005, she realized that helping brides preserve their […]

Congratulations Are In Order!
April 3, 2012  Author:  

You have all heard the expression, “give credit where credit is due” … right? Well today on the blog, we are happy to give some credit to our good friend and RMSP graduate, Doug Ness.  Doug came to RMSP in 2009 after deciding to shift gears from a career as a bonds salesman to dive […]

Alumni Friday – Karen Dressel
March 2, 2012  Author:   (3)

In terms of our alumni, it is always rewarding to see our graduates hit the ground running building their businesses and getting work almost immediately after leaving RMSP. Karen Dressel is one such an example. A 2011 graduate of our Career Training program, her drive and determination is beginning to make her a force to […]

Alumni Friday – Martha Larson
January 27, 2012  Author:  

Martha Larson came to RMSP for our Career Training program in 2006 and we noticed right away that she is one creative individual. At that time, the program involved instruction with film, and her sensibility as an artist lent itself very well to the characteristics and creative techniques of the film medium. How many photographers […]

Alumni Friday – Krista Welch
January 13, 2012  Author:   (3)

Many of our students have found their way to RMSP by a certain amount of dissatisfaction with their corporate careers prior to coming to school here. How this happens is an individual situation, but usually it involves a lack of fulfillment with their daily experiences on the job. Something seems to be missing in their […]

Alumni Friday: Serena Lissy
December 30, 2011  Author:  

Serena Lissy joined us for our Career Training program in 2009 and wow, what a journey she has been on ever since! After graduating, she took some time to explore and find what it was about photography that ignites her passion so intensely before moving forward in her career. After experimenting and trying a few […]

Alumni Friday – Michael and Jesse Crowe
December 23, 2011  Author:   (6)

In 2007 Missoula, Montana native and resident, Michael Crowe, decided to take the proverbial leap of faith in photography and join us for our Summer Intensive Career Training course. No easy task considering that she was several months pregnant at the time. Having been an excellent student, photographer and model, she quickly added first-time parent […]

Alumni Friday: Laura Menchaca
December 16, 2011  Author:  

The thing I love about these Alumni Friday posts is that I get to reconnect with past students and get a glimpse into each graduates life and photographic journey since leaving RMSP.  The process reiterates the fact that no two journeys in photography are the same and should remind us all that with constant work, […]

Alumni Friday: Melanie Little
December 9, 2011  Author:   (2)

Every single person out there is on a different, unique, and totally personal photographic road. 2009 Career Training graduate Melanie Little, whose road includes Tennessee, tattoos and The Big Apple, is no exception. Hailing from Franklin, TN, Melanie earned a BFA in photography and a minor in art history from LSU. After graduating she attended an […]

Alumni Friday – Doug Ness
November 18, 2011  Author:   (1)

This week’s Alumni Friday spotlight is on 2009 Career Training graduate Doug Ness, and the timing couldn’t be better. With some recent milestones in his photography, Doug is reaping what he sowed in his time as a student in Summer Intensive, Fine Art and Stock Professional Studies course, and Advanced Intensive. And, in addition to […]

Alumni Friday – Linda Roberts
November 11, 2011  Author:  

Sometimes it just goes to show that you never know where your work might be seen and appreciated. A Career Training graduate in 2009, Linda Roberts continued working on her fine art photography mainly from her home base in Helena, Montana. Although she had been active locally with her own exhibitions and showings, at some […]