Crown of the Continent: Glacier National Park- Participant’s Slideshow
September 9, 2011  Author:   (1)

Glacier National Park never looked better than through the lenses of our participants in July’s workshop there. Take a look for yourself!  

Light It Up! Workshop a Huge Success
September 2, 2011  Author:  

Today is the last day of Zack Arias‘ Light It Up! workshop. If laughter and smiles are any judge of how the week went, I think Zack knocked it outta’ the park. It was great having you at RMSP Mr. Arias!

Our Students are Winners!

Well, as much as we would love to, it’s not everyday that we have obvious occasion to do some outright bragging about our amazing students. So when good news comes our way about their achievements, you can bet we’re going to do our best to let the world know about them! As a participant in […]

A Fond Farewell to Allison Leach
September 1, 2011  Author:  

For the past seven years, RMSP has had the great fortune to have on board our staff the excellent instructor, accomplished commercial photographer and artist extraordinaire, Allison Leach.  She has played a critical role in our Career Training and Workshops student experience by greatly impacting their understanding of technique, light, subject and creativity. She has […]

Photography Destination: Sedona, Arizona
August 10, 2011  Author:   (1)

What sets Sedona apart from the rest of the southwest? For one thing you’ve never seen red rock the same brilliant color anywhere else. Instructor Tim Cooper, leads a workshop in Sedona every fall and has spent a good deal of time photographing around the four corners region. With the amount of time he’s spent […]

What People Are Saying About Bella Italia
August 4, 2011  Author:  

If our instructors were superheroes, Elizabeth Stone and Tony Rizzuto would be the Dynamic Duo. Oh if only they wore capes to class. I digress. The rave reviews are still coming in about their workshop in Italy that was inspiring, fun, educational and resulted in beautiful images.  Take a look at what people are saying. […]

Interview with Alaska Photographer Michael DeYoung
August 3, 2011  Author:   (1)

Michael DeYoung is a new workshop instructor for RMSP in 2012. He will be teaching an incredibly unique workshop in Alaska. I was able to catch Michael via Skype before he made his annual journey from New Mexico to Alaska for the summer. It was so much fun to talk to him and hear about […]

Sneak Peek at Three of Our 2012 Workshops
August 1, 2011  Author:  

We typically announce our upcoming courses in October by way of our catalog and website. Occasionally, some of our programs are so exciting that we can’t help but spill the beans a little early. This is one of those years. We have three workshops in particular that we are very excited about: Storybook Holland: Focus on […]

Photography Destination: The San Juan Islands
July 27, 2011  Author:  

National Geographic Traveler recently named the San Juan Islands one of the best summer destinations for 2011.  Well, Nati Geo, we are way ahead of you on this one … or at least our instructor Eileen Rafferty is. Eileen will be leading a photography workshop in the San Juans at the end of August.  This […]

Outer Banks of North Carolina Workshop Slide Show
June 28, 2011  Author:   (3)

Sunrises, rising tides, seabirds, beachscapes, kites, lighthouses;  you name it, the photographers in this workshop found it. It looks like it was another fantastic week of photography with Tim Cooper and Eileen Rafferty.  

Bella Italia Student Slide Show
June 14, 2011  Author:   (3)

I had the bittersweet job of editing the student slide show from the Bella Italia 2011 workshop to post on the blog. Bittersweet because on one hand I loved seeing the student work and being inspired by their images. On the other hand, it was pretty hard to see image after image of gorgeous countryside, […]

Slideshow: Basic Photography Workshop in Texas
May 2, 2011  Author:   (1)

Our Basic Photography workshop located in the Texas Hill Country concluded April 15th. Instructor Lynn Hoffman-Brouse and assistant Nate Schmidt did a tremendous job, and the images that the students submitted for their final slideshow bear witness to this. It always amazes me how much the participants improve after a week-long Basic Photography Workshop. Often times, […]

William Albert Allard – Five Decades: A Retrospective
April 27, 2011  Author:  

Many photographers dream about their images appearing on the pages of National Geographic. Each issue is full of photographs that inspire readers. How could you not want to produce images with that power? William Albert Allard has been one of the influential photographers whose work has wowed people since 1964. For five decades he has […]

Photographic Road Trip Through Montana
March 21, 2011  Author:  

There’s nothing quite like a summer road trip, especially in Montana. An incredible sense of freedom comes when you drive the back roads, pass through small towns, over mountain passes, through wildlife refuges and ghost towns. Keith Graham is instructing, or should I say, leading the road trip convoy for the Road Trip Montana workshop. We […]

Travel Photography: Making it Authentic
  Author:   (3)

Traveling takes you out of your everyday life and immerses you in new experiences, surroundings, cultures, foods, smells, and sounds.  It’s a great way to keep your photographic perspective fresh. Armed with a camera, seemingly endless enthusiasm, and trigger-happy fingers, you document everything in sight hoping to capture these new experiences. I can’t tell you […]