September’s Assignment Gallery – Landscape Your Life

Bob Scott tile waves-2Last month, we encouraged photographers to capture landscapes in their world using any subject matter available to provide a reasonable facsimile. Enjoy the work of this month’s creative group!

“The actual landscapes in Texas looking pretty barren by the end of summer, I started with an obvious and favorite landscape, the one I see every day out in my backyard.  I also like the idea of solid objects looking fluid, so went with a gravel stream, and tiles looking like rolling hills or waves.  Finally, a macro surrealistic plantscape; I hope the ant-traveler shows well enough at this size.”
-Bob Scott

“Overwhelmingly, my landscapes are “intimate”, especially,having no horizon line; but, there are exceptions.” – Barry Grivett


For October, hopefully we’ll have you consider counting your lucky starts for all that you have!