Mark S. Johnson on Scott Kelby’s Blog

The photography industry giant and NAPP founder, Scott Kelby, knows a thing or two about inspiration. In fact, he’s made a cottage industry of inspiring photographers and artists worldwide to reach new heights, use new technology and become the artist one was born to be. So you have to believe that he knows a kindred soul when he sees one.

Every Wednesday, Scott invites fellow guest creative professionals to write for his very own Photoshop Insider blog which reaches a considerable online audience. This past week, he invited one of RMSP’s long-time instructors, Photoshop guru and incredible artist, Mark S. Johnson, to contribute his voice to this influential resource.

The word “inspirational” is one of the main iconic descriptors that could be used to describe Mark as both an instructor and creative in equal measure. His style is one of unbridled imagination and emotion in each image he creates. In his guest post, this imaginative and inspirational spirit shines through to encourage all of us to pursue art with abandon and with heart soul. We are more than delighted to share this here with you. Enjoy!

“It’s Guest Blog Wednesday with Mark S. Johnson!”