ASMP Best of 2013 Choices – Something to Brag About, Jeremy Lurgio and Inti St. Clair!

When it comes to recognition, there is no better trade organization in the realm of professionals than the American Society of Media Photographers  to receive it from. ASMP is the gold standard of professional organizations that help support members of an ever-evolving, highly competitive industry. Needless to say, when ASMP leadership honors their own members, it’s a pretty big deal.

01JeremyLurgio_LostFoundWell, guess what? A couple of this years’ honorees are associated with our very own school. And you’re darn wrong if you thought we aren’t gonna brag about it for their sake. Firstly, freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer, associate professor of photojournalism and multi-media at the University of Montana, and long-time RMSP instructor Jeremy Lurgio was honored for his ambitious and historic project aptly named Lost & Found Montana. An initial showing of this fascinating work made an appearance in the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery last year and received rave reviews and much interest. Not only did his printed images grace our gallery space, the experience of viewing them involved an interactive component with visitors invited to don headphones connected to mp3 players and listen to recorded interviews of current and former residents of the small Montana towns represented in the work. It’s really no surprise to us that Jeremy was acknowledged as a Best of 2013 by ASMP.

is201207273175-inti-stclairSecondly, another honoree is an RMSP Career Training alum. A highly accomplished professional photographer in her own right, Seattle-based Inti St. Clair launched herself into her career like few have. Her unrelenting passion, drive, energy and curiosity have propelled her and her camera all over the globe to photograph lifestyle, portraiture, editorial and travel. After graduating in 2000, there has been no stopping her and she keeps getting better. Her photos documenting a day-in-the-life of sisters Naiya and Anandi in their home and at play received the rightful honor of ASMP’s Best of 2013.

To say we’re proud of these two and their accomplishments would be an understatement. And we aim to tell anyone who will listen. Congratulations, Inti & Jeremy! Now get out there and brag.