July’s Assignment Gallery – Moving Forward

IMG_0211(1)-2In July we asked our readers/photographers to submit images firmly rooted in the present and/or future, as opposed to the past, with the Moving Forward assignment. As big as a challenge it was for them to do so, those who chose to take it on managed to capture the essence of progress and forward movement. As expected, the varied images represented are each a story unto itself whether it involved bridges, bikes or beasts pointing in the forward direction. Enjoy the individual imagery and collective tapestry that is the result of their creative efforts. Also, enjoy the inspirational words of regular assignment participant, Barry Grivett.



“Four years ago, my wife encouraged me to try sports photography when we happened on a cycle race. She directed & I shot. I was terrified; but, found the images satisfying. Until then, I’d never had any interest in sports beyond a mild curiosity. Since then, I’ve enjoyed shooting cycling, polo matches, horse jumping, surfing, skateboarding, volleyball, anywhere there is action. 
Inspired by this assignment, I finally learned enough to try second-curtain flash sync (with so-so results); but, that, after all, is moving forward.
Someday soon, I’ll REALLY try Travel photography. Thanks for your encouragement.

One more thing, a quote, ‘Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.’ ― Harvey MacKay, businessman, author & business motivational speaker” – Barry Grivett

Continued inspiration with these assignments is what we’re after, and such is the case next month when we’ll ask you to show us the burning desire living inside of you…literally! We hope you join us and participate!