Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 7

ReichertCarly__MG_0125-2Last Friday night the students were given the opportunity to share their significant mid-term  projects in the all-group slideshow mixer. The results bore out individual creativity, skill and vision unique to each student. It was excellent celebratory way to share their ideas and work with everyone involved in the program.

Since the course is past the midpoint, it should be all down hill from here, right??? Well, not exactly for the Summer Intensive students in Week 7. If anything, the pace of events is remaining steady and strong. Sunday started out with a comprehensive optional review of their Visual Studies experiences andinspiration thus far in the course. And starting on Monday, they dove right into their regular curricular rotations.


Edit classes involved more advanced Photoshop instruction and lab time.  Output concerned the outsourcing of printing options and file preparations for professional photo labs. They experienced more Visual Studies education introducing presentation techniques for final printed work which will come into to play with their major concluding projects to be presented in the last week of SI. Visual Studies this week also involved critiquing of assignment work, advanced ideas & content discussion, and the history of photography presentation.

_MG_5997-2Photo Studies continued with the challenging subject of photojournalism which intrigues many of the students each year. They’ll soon be given their own photojournalism project to complete for this class. And in Light Studies, the students were introduced to contemporary portraiture techniques in the studio and will be executing their own ideas in open studio labs, thus concluding their week.

All in all, new knowledge and experience keeps coming their way on a daily basis, and they’re soaking it in and applying it all like champs. Another month is ahead of them and we’ll keep you posted on the goings-on each of the next four weeks!