Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 4

EhlenSarah_MG_5437I’ll start off this summary with a correction! As mentioned in last week’s post (Week 3), the Augusta Rodeo did not take place this past weekend, and IS taking place this weekend. The students will be road-tripping away very soon. Week 4 introduced whole new realms of digital technology and image-making to the Summer Intensive students.

The beginning of the week exposed (pardon the pun) them to the automation and advanced cataloging functions of Lightroom, along with the Maps and Books functions in their Edit classes. In Lighting, they received their initial studio lighting equipment instruction and began working in our brand new studio space for the first time. This highly technical and controlled environment will no doubt inspire ideas about where these budding photographers may like to head in their professional futures. Photo Studies involved the introduction of macro photography, Visual Studies explored the subject of ideas and content with more photography history thrown in, and the students continued with print production and EhlenSarah__MG_5720evaluation in Output.

Finally, the week culminated with a peer-to-peer critique. After being taught the basics of evaluating work on a critical level and how to speak that language in its most basic terms, this experience provides the students with an excellent opportunity to explore critiquing with each other, face to face. Much like a speed-dating event, the students rotate from person to person in 10 minute blocks of time and offer their constructive feedback of images to one another. All in all, it’s a pretty invaluable and inspirational experience.

And, as mentioned, the rodeo is this weekend. Watch out Augusta…here comes RMSP!  Check in with us next week as things really begin to heat up with the summer experience in Montana.

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