June’s Assignment Gallery – Past Assignments

SeguinL_Urban_4_Manahttanskyline-2Way back in March we announced the temporary suspension of the monthly assignments due to a needed focus on our school’s upcoming annual launch of the Career Training program. We also encouraged all of our readers to consider submitting images from any of our past monthly assignments for June’s assignment gallery. Even if only a few folks took on this challenge, we’re happy to share them with you here. Please enjoy their awesome imagery. Here’s what some of them had to say about which particular assignment(s) they chose to revisit:

“I revisited the urban/city assignment because I was in NYC visiting my kids last week.”
– Lisa Seguin

“Here’s a second set of Patterns (or are they Abstract?) photos for you.” – Bob Scott

“In February 2012, the entire Shadows gallery; and, especially your ‘Wall Light’ & Anne Abernathy’s ‘Eye Shadow’ made me want to return to this theme again & again. Attached is a favorite subject. Also, you may recall, once I embarked on the Patterns theme (December 2011) I started seeing patterns EVERYWHERE. Later, I found Scott Fuller’s ‘Paper Wasp’ & Bob Scott’s ‘Bricks’ especially inspirational. – Barry Grivett

“I was hesitating between a few of the past assignments and decided to revisit ‘Shadows.’ The series is of the morning sun through the blinds in the bedroom, I liked the patterns it was creating on the wall.” – Genevieve Fix

And with our attempt at inspiration kick-starting again, we’re looking to the future and encouraging you all to show us that it’s a step in the right direction. We hope you join us and participate!


3 thoughts on “June’s Assignment Gallery – Past Assignments

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Barry Grivett

Genevieve, I especially like your close-up (05-2): thru the lower half of my contacts, the single diagonal from LL to UR seems to breathe! A strong/mesmerizing abstract, shadow & pattern.

Lisa, thanks for doing more city images: a project I’d like to work on; but, without much opportunity.

Bob, looks like the Patterns have it!

Genevieve Fix

Thank you Barry, I appreciate your comment on my pictures. I like your “Raindrops on rocks” for the patterns and the subdued colors.

Bob Scott

Barry, the Drop Shadow shot; jaw-dropping. That perspective of figure-shadow is always interesting, but when it only lasts for a second, it’s even more impressive. Thanks!

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