Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 2

ReichertCarly_SI2013_02If  week 1 of Summer Intensive 2013 was enough to teach students why we call the course “Intensive,” week 2 only reinforced that lesson.

Our mini-expo continued throughout the weekend and wrapped up on Sunday June 9. Enrolled students were exposed to lots of gear, got to converse with our vendors and even take part in a couple of model-infused evening shoots with professional lighting equipment…for the first time. A blast was had by all!

Next up during the week was the introduction in techniques of color management in Output, and the exposure concepts of proper metering, exposure compensation, use of the histogram and full manual exposure in Photo Studies. Then an assisted field help session on the campus of the University of Montana to apply what the students had just learned in class.

Also the all-important lecture on lenses by Neil Chaput de Saintonge. Each year we advise ourReichertCarly_SI2013_03 incoming students to wait until they receive the critical information provided in this lecture before making purchases so they can make better-informed decisions. Lenses are some of the most critical investments any photographer can make. To round out the week the students learned about the the basics of Lightroom’s Develop Module in their Edit class, and experienced their first Lighting class which involved a lecture on understanding the characteristics of various types of light.

ReichertCarly_SI2013_04Nothing to shake a stick at, we tell ya. This Saturday marks a very well-deserved day off for the group. The experience will continue to grow in comprehensive and intensive learning in the upcoming weeks. We hope you’ll stayed tuned!

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Charlie Bulla

Sounds like your keeping ’em busy out there!!! There was an awesome Tulip in that planter bed in that first photo last year about this time…I would betcha it’s back better than ever this year. Y’all have fun out there!!!! Se ya soon!!!!

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