Look Forward to Your Next Layover

color wallI travel A LOT for RMSP, and while I never imagined that the chain of my life would be linked by so many regional airports I have learned two very important things: Avoid Cinnabon and look forward to layovers.

Here’s a tip for the next time you travel.  While you’re waiting to be crammed into your seat between to talkative souls who don’t understand the concept of personal space you can either stare at your ever changing departure time or you can go photograph.

Leave the fluorescent filled gate areas behind and seek out more interesting subject matter, you might be surprised at what you might find.  Often, common areas or spaces between terminals offer scenes that rival any amusement park.  I tend to gravitate to neon filled tunnels but stark corridors provide a mood all their own.

No tripod needed; just pick an ISO between 800-1600, sit on the floor or lean against a wall and shoot.   For me, people set the scene and my images tend to include both subject and context.  I get my composition and exposure figured out and then just wait for the right person to walk by.  The best part is that in a short time you’ll get plenty of opportunity, as everyone trying to make their flight will need to pass in front of your camera.

Enough talk, I know you’re visual.  Here are five shots taken at three airports. I hope they provide a bit of inspiration for your next trip. Have fun on your layover but don’t get so caught up that you miss your flight!