2013 Career Training Assistant Carol Marshall

Last but not least in our ongoing series of introductions of our 2013 Career Training assistants is Carol Marshall. Throughout the years, Carol has earned the distinction of being an RMSP “frequent flyer.” Going back to 2008, she attended a Photo Weekend of ours in Denver, CO. In 2011 she returned for the full Career Training program, and followed that experience up with a couple of workshops. This dedication is a testament to her love of photography. We know our students will be in very capable hands with Carol in the classroom.


Marshall_headshot-2Photography remains pure pleasure and indulgence – a way of making time slow down – allowing me to take a longer, more deliberate look at the world: people – places – things – color – emotions. I have a passion for the exotic and travel; nonetheless, I often explore mundane subjects in order to find some detail that can make – if not always an extraordinary – at least a unique image.

I had an interest in photography for a number of years that produced many nice, but not necessarily inspired images. While attending RMSP in 2011, I became much more technically proficient and also found my “voice.” It was not always an easy journey and I struggled in some areas; nonetheless, it was ultimately an enlightening and freeing experience.

I tend to be a generalist and dabble in architectural photography for realtors, portrait work, and event photography. However, I favor fine art photography where I can create a bit of illusion with my images. A 2012 Creative Compositing workshop I attended in Boulder, Colorado pushed me to stretch my vision of what is possible.

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate to have two one-woman shows. I pursued the venues; selected/printed/framed the final images; designed the layout; and then hung the work. Additionally, I have been invited to participate in two benefits – a great way to get work shown and sold.

I find motivation to create new work by entering local shows and competitions such as the annual Sandhill Crane Festival or the San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council. On occasion, I will submit images to various on-line competitions, the latest being Photo District News – The Great Outdoors. I like to take advantage of on-line webinars, such as Creative Live, and also attend various workshops that refresh or build new skills. When I find a topic of interest being presented, I will attend the monthly Northern California branch of the American Society of Media Photographers in San Francisco.

My long-term project is to create a book that gives both an overview, but also details on the California wine regions.