March’s Assignment Gallery – Opposites Attract

Magnetic North & South PolesA bit late, but better than never, right??? My sincere apologies for this being very much late in posting. This in no way detracts from the work accomplished and submitted for March’s Opposites Attract assignment. The images submitted were exactly as hoped; eclectic, surreal and beautiful in scope. The opposites in life do highlight the value of each side of the figurative coin, and our highly creative photographic audience did some extremely impressive work to illustrate this point. My hardy congratulations and appreciate for all of you that attempted and shared the results! Below are some of their statements about the process and work they produced:

“For me, the mating & wedding couple parody came fairly easy. But, I struggled (for weeks) on how to show magnetic pole attraction; and, feel I was only modestly successful.”
 – Barry Grivett

Here are my submissions for opposites.  The only one that needs a bit of an explanation is the chandelier.  Our Christmas tree went over in December and when it fell it smashed one of the  globes on our chandelier and now we are trying to find a replacement from ebay , an antique shop, or a yard sale.  So far no luck — giving us three hanging globes and one bare light bulb.  And the snow on the daffodils came last Monday– like everyone else we have had the never ending winter.”
-Lisa Seguin

SeguinLisa_1-2-2“Here is my MY OPPOSITES ATTRACT submission. For my take on the concept of opposites I chose to focus on light and dark, brightness and shadow, and the relationship between the two. I used my good friend Savanah as my subject, and exposed for the brighter areas rather than on her, leaving her in shadow. I then recomposed and focused on my subject. I find this quote to be quite appropriate.
‘There is strong shadow where there is much light.’
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”
 – Jesse Myers

Bob Scott yin-yang-2“Here’s my March photos.  Forgive the literal yin-yang interpretation, it’s right out my window in my Japanese garden, so couldn’t pass it up.  The ’round peg in a square hole’ may be more what you had in mind.”
-Bob Scott

“I found this assignment very challenging and hope I was able to convey the idea through my images.”
-Genevieve Fix
“Ice and Rock attracted to Thermonuclear Fire by Gravity; always a special treat for us. It’s Comet PANSTARRS, shot on March 14, my last, best opportunity.”
-Scott Fuller
Please note that the monthly RMSP blog assignments will be on hiatus until June of 2013. To help inspire you during this time, we encourage our readers to revisit any of the past assignments and apply all of their photographic and creative skill toward one of these they find particularly inspirational. Please submit images to by June 21 and we will post the results on June 28. Please indicate which assignment you were attempting and what the process was like for you doing so. Until then, happy remainder of Spring!

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