Google+ Alumni Panel on YouTube

photo(21) We held our annual Open House & Career Training Information Day on Saturday. It was great to meet many people who are either already enrolled in Summer Intensive or interested in enrolling. One of the best parts of the day had to be the Alumni Panel discussion in which several grads attended in person, as well as online via a Google+ Hangout. What a great use of technology to bring people together! If you weren’t able to be in Missoula in person on Saturday, don’t worry. We have posted the Alumni Panel Hangout on YouTube for anyone and everyone to watch at their leisure.

You can view the panel discussion by clicking here.

And it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway!) that we appreciate the time every one of our panelists took to join us to lend their individual voices and experiences to everyone who is considering taking the plunge into Summer Intensive. You all get a big round of applause from your friends at RMSP!

In-Person Panel:
Robert Allison – Career Training 2012
Andrew Kandel – Career Training 2007
Genevieve Fix – Career Training 2012

Joining via Google+:
Fatima Donaldson – Summer Intensive 2009
Krista Welch – Summer Intensive, Pro Studies 2010
Jim David – Career Training 2010
Charlie Bulla – Career Training 2012
Walter White – Summer Intensive 2011
Anne Abernathy – Advanced Intensive 2012
Ben Reed – Career Training 2010