December’s Assignment Gallery – City Life

City-5-3The city – any city – possesses a charm of its own that can capture the imagination of those who seek it out and find it. That’s exactly what happened with our photographer friends who chose to participate in last month’s City Life assignment. The result here is exactly what we had hoped for with the assignment; a menagerie of the city environment that many of us encounter in our immediate surroundings. Enjoy the imagery of folks who have found its charm all on their own.

“These are from a recent weekend in Philadelphia, attending a wedding…” – Sandi Blood

“Here is my take on city life or maybe I should say city no-life! I took these pictures on the afternoon of Dec. 24th and downtown Missoula was deserted.” – Genevieve Fix

“The current assigIMG_8640nment is intriguing: what is special about City Life for me is the variety: people, entertainment, food, hardware/home-improvement stores, whatever. I hope to see this in other submissions. I’m not imaginative enough to show this in one image or even five; so, maybe that’ll be a project!  Finally, talk about man-made environment(s): Light at Night is huge; Extravagant Houses of Worship is another and––you’re not apt to see, or need, a Pedestrian Overpass outside a city.” – Barry Grivett

GenevieveFix_City Life_05-4“When I saw the topic, I immediately knew I wanted to capture Memphis while I was there over Christmas.  Gray skies and limited number of people out made the assignment more challenging, but still fun to shoot.” – Amy McRae

“I had fun with this assignment.  I tried to find some photos I already had as well as go out and shoot some new ones.  This City Life assignment let’s me share a favorite deli, a favorite neighborhood hangout, a favorite movie art house, a favorite view….definitely fun!” – Elizabeth Wallen


Kudos to the brave souls who submitted images. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. This month, we’re asking you to take a fresh look at your world.