B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio Rated Tops in Consumer Reports Survey!

It’s not every day that one of RMSP’s valued Educational Partners is presented with overwhelming confirmation from their own customers – en masse – about the unparalleled quality of their business.  And especially when it’s published in a national magazine!  So when something like this happens, you can bet that we’re gonna help spread the word.

B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio
, based in NYC, has been an enthusiastic supporter of RMSP for many years. Our relationship with B&H has resulted in a personal fondness for many of the talented, hard-working and friendly folks who represent this special business – to the point we consider them our friends. It’s no accident that B&H is one of largest retailers of photographic equipment in the world. Their customer service is world-renowned for the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff who interact with customers either online or at the amazing B&H SuperStore in NYC. And their reputation for competitive value and reliability in shipping are second to none. Many of us here at RMSP can attest to all of this personally.

No need to take our entirely biased word for it, either. For its November issue, the unbiased and trusted Consumer Reports magazine surveyed their readers regarding online shopping experiences they’ve had among 52 of the nation’s largest retailers. Thousands of people responded with their honest opinions within a half-dozen different categories they were asked to evaluate such as value, quality, checkout, shipping and customer support. This reflected their opinions of over 52,000 online shopping experiences. Consumer Reports published the results, and who happens to be listed at the top among the best overall? No surprise to us that it is none other than B&H! To be top-rated as best of the best, let alone mentioned in the same slim category as REI, Zappos, Costco, Nordstrom’s, L.L. Bean and Newegg.com, is no easy feat. When thousands of people of people are asked about their experiences in detail, the numbers can’t possibly be wrong. B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio is simply excellent at what they do and people know it.

This is among many of the reasons why B&H has added extreme value to the all of the programs we offer. Whether it’s providing our students in the Career Training and Workshops programs incredible deals with their B&H Edu Advantage program, or sending their helpful representatives to meet with participants at the many cities RMSP travels to each year with our Photo Weekends, B&H has been an important part of our school’s history and reputation. For this, we could not be more honored. And we couldn’t be happier for this validation of their quality operation. Congratulations to all of our friends at B&H for the well-deserved acknowledgement!

Follow B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio on their Facebook page and on Twitter at @BHPhotoVideo. And also, check out their informative B&H Insights blog!

B&H SuperStore in NYC