September’s Assignment – Once in a Blue Moon

So here we are on August 31, 2012 and with tonight’s full moon we will be witnessing a rare spectacle in the night sky – a so-called “blue moon.” It’s the second full moon of the month and occurs just once every two to three years. About as rare an occurrence as when a good idea might pop into my head. That being said, September’s assignment is all about exploring the rare, the scarce, the uncommon and the extraordinary – things to be found only “Once in a Blue Moon.”

Of course, the moon itself may be your subject. Waxing, waning or full, if you’ve never photographed the moon before, then perhaps a few tips could be helpful to you. This handy-dandy how-to on the subject will get you started and then you can make the most of the blue moon. How can you use the moon in unique ways to make creative compositions? How about having your friend or family member seemingly hold the moon in their hands, pinch it between their fingers or have it balance on top of their head. Moon silhouettes always make for compelling images. Moon shadows casting on the wall or even making the moon a different color (blue?); whatever you may have in mind, go ahead and shoot for the moon!

This assignment is obviously open for interpretation since everyone’s definition of “rare” is uniquely there own. Whatever it is that makes a blue moon moment come alive in your images, do your best to capture it, send it to us and we’ll be happy to share it with the planet.

All images should be:

• jpeg format
• 72 ppi
• 600 pixels on the longest side
• If possible, we’d love it if the images you submit have your name in the file name and include a watermark (that’s the “© John Doe” at the bottom of the pic). Please submit three to five images.


October 2, 2012

Email all images to Bob McGowan at Submitted images will appear in an online gallery on Paper Airplanes, RMSP’s blog on or about October 5, 2012. All images will be used in the online gallery for this specific assignment only and will be copyrighted to the photographer. An email confirmation will be sent once your submission is received.  If you do not receive the email confirmation, please contact

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