June’s Assignment Gallery – Gettin’ All Wet!

Water, water everywhere! That’s the story of the submissions for June’s assignment and our well-hydrated blog readers certainly came through. Well done and thank you to all who participated and made some incredible images with the theme of Gettin’ All Wet! Below are some comments from the submitting photographers, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them. Once again, poignancy is not lost on our valued viewers and active photographers. (Comments listed alphabetically by last name.)

“This month’s assignment really got me going.  I just couldn’t get enough.  Originally I am from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and now live in one of the wettest cities around (Seattle, WA), so I guess my ‘roots are in water.’  Thanks for your ongoing inspiration.

 001 – Is a composite that I created by merging an image of a sign and an additional image that I took of raindrops on my sunroof.  What else do you do with a sunroof in this town…

 002 & 003 – Were taken in Seattle Center at this year’s Folk Life Festival.  I had a great time!

 004 – These fours images consist of reflections on a lake, goose, iris rain drops and once again I used the ol’ rain roof as a subject.

 005 – Overlapped images of Central Market Crabs.  This guy wanted out so bad!”   – Anne Abernathy

“Water to Wine:
This is the basement of an old Victorian home. I’m standing in what used to be the cistern which collected rain water for household use. It has recently been converted into a very cool looking wine cellar. This is a single, 15 second exposure. I ducked out after about 10 seconds creating a slight ghosting effect.”  -Roger Bailey

“The first picture was a group effort. My sister and mother helped with this picture. My mother held a towel for a backdrop, while my sister poured strawberry jello water down a glass. I tried doing it with water, but I didn’t have a good effect with water flowing down the upside down glass. Strawberry jello before it solidified gave a more interesting effect of flowing down the glass. I especially liked the drop of the liquid at the top and the splatters. I also had a small flashlight shining through the back of the glass to add to the effect.
The second picture was executed with my camera mounted on a tripod, holding my left index finger under running water in the bathroom sink and taking the picture with my right index finger. I liked how the flowing water created bubbles coming down from my finger.” – 
Linda Card

“I love these assignments. It forces me to get out and make images. I hover waiting for the email to come in and start planning.”  – Bruce Chipman, aka “Chippy”

“Choosing my three most personal & expressive images was a challenge. For me, the most important aspect of water (commonly occurring as rain) is that it nourishes EVERYTHING making it figuratively, if not literally, ‘blue gold’. This thought gets me euphorically through what would otherwise be rainy/gray/gloomy days. For better or worse, it rarely rains in San Jose at this time of year.  All water is holy water. — Rajiv Joseph, ‘Animals Out of Paper’ ”    – Barry Grivett

“My image was taken around 5am, at the end of a 10 day Alaskan cruise, as our ship, the ‘Sea Princess,’ was entering San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge. As we passed under the bridge, the resounding foghorns on ‘The Gate’ could be felt in my chest and certainly heard in my ears. I didn’t see anyone else on deck that early.” – Billy Joe McAllister

“I have as one of my personal goals this year to submit images at least eight times.  I’m enjoying the assignments and like having a focus each month.” – Amy McRae

“The Lady’s Mantle in these three pictures has very minute hairs (visible in closer pictures) that cause the seemingly spectacular ‘surface tension’ water droplets.  Next up, extension tubes and more hairs!” – Ken Stolz

“I loved this assignment.  It got me thinking about different forms of like water, rain, snow, ice. I also liked thinking about how plentiful it can be for some and so scarce for others.”
– Elizabeth Wallen


Kudos to the brave souls who submitted images for the very first time. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. If you’ve never submitted before or even if you have, we want to see what you can come up with after you’ve done so for July’s assigment. For the first-timers, it’s about time!