June’s Assignment – Gettin’ All Wet!

What would life be without water? Easy answer is that there simply wouldn’t be any life without water. Water is everywhere. It sloshes, seeps, runs, pools, freezes, floods and falls. It evokes emotions such as calm and peaceful, yet our tears are outward expressions of anger or sadness. We float on it, surf on it, drink it, swim, dive and compete in it, and sometimes get lost on bodies of it. It collects in basins, lakes, ponds, oceans and puddles. In the form of ice, it can create gigantic glaciers and literally carve the Earth, or it can simply keep our beverages cold. In the form of rising tides, it can lift all boats.

For this month’s assignment we ask you to show us how water floats your own particular boat. “Gettin’ All Wet!” is all about good ol’ H2O and what part it plays in your view of the world.  Show us what it means to you. What joy it holds for you or perhaps how it is the bane of your existence (we surely hope it’s not, though!).  And although we don’t regularly give tips in these assignments, when it comes to photographing water, a helpful photographic tool is the circular polarizing filter for the end of your lens. Just to stir your curiosity if you’re unfamiliar with this, here’s a helpful Wikipedia explanation of what it can do for your photography.

One last word of importance: when we say “gettin’ all wet!,” we don’t necessarily mean your camera gear! Unless your camera is waterproof or sealed in similar fashion by a specially designed casing, try to keep it high and dry. BUT, if it can go underwater with you…wouldn’t THAT be cool?!  Just sayin’.

So go out there and get wet! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…assuming that you eventually do come up!

All images should be:

• jpeg format
• 72 ppi
• 600 pixels on the longest side
• If possible, we’d love it if the images you submit have your name in the file name and include a watermark (that’s the “© John Doe” at the bottom of the pic).


June 27, 2012

Submitted images will appear in an online gallery on Paper Airplanes, RMSP’s blog on or about June 29, 2012. All images will be used in the online gallery for this specific assignment only and will be copyrighted to the photographer. An email confirmation will be sent once your submission is received.  If you do not receive the email confirmation, please contact bobm@rmsp.com.

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