What’s New in Photoshop CS6 Tutorials with Mark S. Johnson

When it comes to Adobe® Photoshop®, there are few people who are more qualified to teach this powerful software and its creative potential for photographers than Mark S. Johnson. A long time instructor for RMSP, accomplished artist and passionate liver-of-life, Mark regularly dedicates his considerable energy toward sharing his wealth of knowledge with others. His most recent endeavor is a series of 10 video tutorials that spotlight the new features in Photoshop CS6 soon to be released by Adobe. Starting today, he will post one tutorial per day for 10 days, explaining his take on what’s so cool about the new additions to PS6. If you have any interest in exploring how to make your own work more creative, feel free to visit his site at www.msjphotography.com. As Mark says, “These “Just Do It” (JDI) improvements won’t get much hype, but boy will they make a big difference!” We have a strong feeling he knows what he’s talking about!

Mark S. Johnson will be teaching RMSP’s workshop Creative Compositing: The Impressionistic Photograph in Boulder, Colorado on June 16-22.

Below is the schedule and a brief synopsis of each tutorial:

Thursday, May 3

Episode One – Content-Aware Move and Patch

Learn how to move a subject while simultaneously (and miraculously) hiding the original.


Friday, May 4

Episode Two – Camera Raw Improvements

Discover the brave new world of Camera Raw editing, complete with improved tone correction sliders, better clarity and brushable white balance and noise reduction.


Saturday, May 5

Episode Three – The New Blur Gallery

If you’ve ever dreamed of selectively controlling depth of field during post-production, you’ll get a kick out of the new Blur Gallery.  Use Field Blur to produce a graduated blur, Iris Blur for shallow depth of field, and Tilt-Shift Blur to simulate the look of photographing a toy model.


Sunday, May 6

Episode Four – Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction

Fix geometric distortion and perspective issues caused by a fisheye or wide-angle lens using blazing fast on-canvas controls.


Monday, May 7

Episode Five – The World’s Best Oil Paint Filter

Adobe holds the title for the best and easiest to use Oil Paint filter.  Come see what I mean.


Tuesday, May 8

Episode Six – Crop Tool Refinements

Experience the completely reengineered Crop Tool and the new Perspective Crop Tool.


Wednesday, May 9

Episode Seven – Color Range Skin Tone Detection

Learn how to quickly create selections of skin that make color correction a snap.


Thursday, May 10

Episode Eight – The Overhauled Lighting Effects Filter

Discover a faster, more dynamic Lighting Effects Filter that produces stunning lighting and texture results.


Friday, May 11

Episode Nine – 3D Enhancements in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Learn how to generate realistic 3D effects complete with lights and shadows using a more intuitive user interface.


Saturday, May 12

Episode Ten – Little Improvements that Make a Big Difference

These “Just Do It” (JDI) improvements won’t get much hype, but boy will they make a big difference!