More Images From Birmingham & Minneapolis

I love that we are still receiving images from participants in our Photo Weekends this year! Upon checking my email this morning, I was happy to see that another image came our way. These two are from Margaret Lee, a participant from our Weekend in Birmingham in February and Jenny Evans, who attended the Minneapolis Weekend.

Here’s what Margaret had to say about her experience with Tim and Tony:
“This is a favorite image I’ve shot since the RMSP Birmingham weekend. I was having fun playing with bokeh and backlighting plus filling the lens with lots of sunshine! Thought I would share the result that I was very happy with. The RMSP weekend was a wonderful refresher for some other classes I’ve taken and really tied things together for me. Tim and Tony were excellent teachers and did an incredible job conveying lots of great information to a very eager audience in a short period of time. I feel much more confident behind the camera since the Birmingham weekend. Thank you!”

© Margaret Lee


And here is Jenny’s image. She adds, “I was able to capture this photo by using the skills I learned in the Photo Basics ll & Composition classes.  I had a fantastic weekend and I am so excited that I have now the confidence to keep my camera dial set on “M”!

© Jenny Evans


One thought on “More Images From Birmingham & Minneapolis

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Barry Grivett

As a former Photo Weekend participant, I, too, am delighted. Margaret & Jenny nailed their subjects, exposure and selective focus/subject-background separation/bokeh.

Margaret, you might consider cropping the right up to the bottom of your subject’s sleeve for a stronger composition; also, another angle might have avoided the too bright area at the upper left. If you can shoot this subject again, you should.

Jenny, I’d prefer your subject were on a more natural perch & cropped a bit tighter.

Thank you both for sharing your art.

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