Birmingham Weekend Assignment…the sequel!

Due to the Easter holiday last weekend, we weren’t expecting to have any participant images to post today. But thanks to Cindy LeGrand, a participant at our Birmingham Photo Weekend, we are back in business!! Cindy missed the deadline to submit after her Weekend, but came through with a submission of great photos anyway. So naturally … we’re gonna post them!

About her experience in Birmingham, Cindy had this to say:

“…Tim Cooper’s session “Understanding Exposure: Using the Zone System” was most helpful.  Tim was very effective in communicating how to use the zone system and something just “clicked” for me during his presentation.  And I have been shooting in manual exposure mode since that weekend! Regardless of the scene, situation, or lighting conditions, I have been very pleased with my ability to achieve proper exposure in-camera.  Thank you RMSP and thank you Tim!