Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn – Scott Kelby Chooses His Winner(s)!

Apparently NAPP founder and creative,  Mr. Scott Kelby (@ScottKelby) had more than a tough time choosing a single favorite image from the work produced by the participants on the RMSP Vegas to Zion workshop we’ve been so excited about for quite some time now. Earlier in the year and before it took place in March, Scott graciously offered to reward the photographer whose image from this workshop impressed him the most with a full free pass to the Photoshop World Conference and Expo of their choice. Ironically, the next scheduled one is in Las Vegas, NV on September 5-7, 2012!

So, what do you if you are simply blown away by all of the creative work from this tremendous group of photographers, and can’t seem to narrow down your decision to just a single image? You choose TWO, of course! That’s right, Scott Kelby himself is inviting two photographers from the workshop to Photoshop World as his invited guests. We’re happy to announce both Wendi Kennedy and Matthew Trabold are the chosen winners for this honor. Below are the outstanding images deemed to be his favorites. Congratulations, Matthew and Wendi!

Truly, every single one of the nine Vegas to Zion workshop participants are to be congratulated for their amazing work on this workshop, as well as both Gabe Biderman and Tim Cooper for the excellent instruction and inspiration they provided. If you missed it before, here’s their concluding slideshow that gives you an idea of the overall experience and what these folks were inspired to produce. Heck, we’re as blown away by their work as Scott and certainly don’t envy him having to make a decision like this! Great job to all involved and many thanks to Scott Kelby for his generous offer!




2 thoughts on “Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn – Scott Kelby Chooses His Winner(s)!

Wendi Kennedy

This was a fantastic workshop! Tim and Gabe were an amazing duo.
The photos produced during this workshop were outstanding.
I’m honored to have had a winning image! Thanks to Tim, Gabe and Scott Kelby.

Profile photo of Roxanne Duffy


Woot Woot – way to go Wendi and Mathew!

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