Indianapolis Assignment Results

To all of you fine folks who contributed images after the Indianapolis Photo Weekend, sorry to keep you waiting over the weekend for you to see your images here. But on the bright side, this post might make your Monday a little bit brighter. By the way … Tony Rizzuto and Eileen Rafferty had a blast in your town!  Thanks so much.)

And without further adieu …. here are the submissions from the Indy Weekend…



One thought on “Indianapolis Assignment Results

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WOW – Some Great photos out of Indianapolis! Thank you for sharing your work everyone! It was great to meet everyone at the Indy weekend, I had a great time!

Jeff – I so could sit at that table right now with a hot cup of tea and stare out the window – that would make me so happy. Very inviting image! Looks relaxing and happy!

Valerie – what a fun image. I use to love to climb trees and this shot makes the kid in me want to go out and climb. hmmmmm… maybe I will! 🙂

Michelle – YUUUUMMMMMMM!!!! That looks sooooo good, you are making me hungry and I just ate. Everything looks so fresh, the colors are amazing and I love the angle that you chose to shoot at!

Adele – A panoramic, how cool. You must have done a vertical as well as horizontal job on this – Great job. I still haven’t been able to succesfully accomplish a multi leveled pano!

Paula – Spring is here (well, it is atleast their – not quit in Montana yet!) How beautiful. Great depth of field and what brillian colors! Great subject – tulips are my favorite flower (simple yet beautiful!

Dennis – How fun! I love the pattern in your shot of the bike hub. The repeating lines. It has an interesting design element to it. Also love that you put it on a black background as not to compete with the interesting patterns!

Great job everyone – keep shooting and stay inspired!

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