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Barry Grivett

Suddenly, I feel terribly unqualified to comment on any image: clearly, Forest felt this image was worth sharing &, presumably, he is pleased with it as a representative of his art/work as were you, Bob, yesterday (#178), Tony (#171) and Tim (#166). Actually, I CAN appreciate Tim’s; but unfortunately (for me), it needs to be way bigger. What is scaring me now is the fear that I’m unable to fully appreciate these (& other) works.

In today’s image, I do appreciate the depth–which is useful & well worth emulating.

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Melanie Wright


I’ve had the great good fortune to see so many excellent images from Bob, Tony, Tim, Forest, Elizabeth Stone and many more in the 6+ years I’ve known them, and I have to say that while I thoroughly enjoy the majority of the art they produce, not EVERY image in their portfolios speak to me. Even with photography, where there are some definite rules to follow on composition, it seems to be the nature of art to want to step outside the boundaries of those rules sometimes. I’m not alone here at RMSP in hoping that you will continue responding to our daily image submissions; your input is very much valued and appreciated.

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Barry Grivett

Thanks Mel; you write as well as you photograph. You are an inspiration AND a consolation.

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