Thank You Bismarck!!!

Whoa!  Things must be getting serious between RMSP and Bismarck, ND. They just spent their first holiday together! Alright … we know that sounds like gossip, but it’s totally true. Our Photo Weekends instructors Tim Cooper and Doug Johnson spent the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the fantastic town of Bismarck, North Dakota, where they provided an excellent photographic experience to everyone in attendance. Here’s a few comments we’ve heard so far this morning:


“This convinced me to sign up for the 4-day course on LR in Billings MT.”

“Doug presented the material in a way that was very easy to follow and understand. He did an outstanding job.”

“Just taking the 2 basic courses helped me so much and made it worth my time to attend this weekend. “

“I’ve heard of something called the “Zone System” for over 30 years …
This is the FIRST time anyone has actually EXPLAINED it to me!”

“New way to view things. I found myself looking out the window on the way home framing things differently.  :)”

One thought on “Thank You Bismarck!!!

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Thank you Bismarck for an awesome weekend. Not only did you order us sunshine for the weekend but you were such a friendly, enthusiastic, fun group – I had a GREAT time meeting all of you! RMSP’s first time in North Dakota and I hope we get back their soon!

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