Birmingham Assignment Result … and a slight change.

Let’s hear it for Birmingham Weekend participant Ron Clemmons for turning in his “homework” from the assignment given at the weekend. Ron, you definitely get an A+ … not just for contributing … but for sharing such a beautiful image with our blog readers. Love the shallow depth of field, the composition and the pop of color. Nice job Ron! (continue reading below the photo)

© Ron Clemmons


And now I need to call your attention to the:


I am changing the “rules” a bit for these assignments given at our Photo Weekends events. Since the goal of these assignments were to highlight images from our participants, I think it makes sense to cut the strings on the due date. It’s come to my attention that submitting images by Thursday following a weekend is too soon.

So, here’s the deal. If you have taken a Photo Weekend with us in 2012 and want to share a few images, GO FOR IT! Submit images inspired by a course you took at the Photo Weekend event, identify which Photo Weekend you attended, and I will get them posted here on the ‘ol blog.

After all, photographs are meant to be shared and seen!!!



2 thoughts on “Birmingham Assignment Result … and a slight change.

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Roxanne Duffy

Ron, It was a pleasure to get to meet you at the Birmingham weekend!

I agree with Andy, and to add to that I also love the way you “framed” the tulip with the lighter, smoother side of the stone, it helps make it stand out.

Thank you for sharing your photographs with us – they are all wonderful!

Ron Clemmons

Thanks for the kind words Andy and Roxanne! I really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot out of the presentations. Hope to participate in another RMSP program at some point in the future.


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