Yellowstone in Winter Workshop Student Slide Show

Have the wilds of Yellowstone National Park in the winter been calling you and your camera? Do you crave to capture nature in its full glory in one of the planet’s most unique landscapes and ecosystems? Well, here’s a chance to experience it vicariously through the eyes and lenses of the participants in our recent Yellowstone in Winter workshop led by instructors David Marx and Doug Johnson. Many thanks to world-renown naturalist Jim Halfpenny for his expertise in guiding and educating the group concerning the abundant wildlife in the park.  Enjoy the images and envision yourself in these footsteps during next year’s version of this fantastic experience!

If you simply can’t wait until winter, consider joining David and Doug for RMSP’s upcoming Yellowstone in Autumn workshop September 16-22!





4 thoughts on “Yellowstone in Winter Workshop Student Slide Show

Tina graham

Beautiful slide show. Enjoyed all the pictures!

Louis Lindmeyer

I loved the slide show. All of the participants had their own perspective on Yellowstone in Winter and the photos were all professional looking and a joy to view. The use of color and black and white made the highlights stand out showing the calmness and the brutal reality of Yellowstone. Just awesome!

Yellowstone in winter with RMSP is definiately near the top of my bucket list!

Mary Beth Donovan

Beautiful images! Kudos to all the participants for braving the harsh elements. It made me shiver just to look at the photographs. I heard great things about this workshop and David and Doug are two of my favorite RMSP instructors. Thanks for sharing, David!

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Bob McGowan

Thank you all for your comments here. We agree these images are lovely and why we’re happy to share them. Thanks to David Marx as well for putting this together!

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