RMSP’s Basic Photography Workshops

So, you received a brand new shiny digital SLR camera for the holidays and it came with an owner’s manual that appears to be written in Greek – or so it seems to you. Or perhaps you have owned an SLR camera for quite some time now and although you have picked up tips here and there over the months or years and have been practicing on your own with varying results you are not able to capture what you see in your camera consistently. If you find yourself in either of these descriptions or somewhere in-between, then we have just the right course for you.

We are excited to announce that we are offering our Basic Photography workshop in several cities around the country in 2012!

Where We Go: Get ready to say goodbye…to using your DSLR on Automatic Mode that is! After a week of RMSP-style education focused on teaching you the basics of photography, you make the switch to Manual mode and never look back. This course is ideal for any photographer who feels like they are underutilizing their camera, has been photographing for years but feel out of touch with their skills since digital took over, and those who simply want to learn more about photography.

What You Learn: Don’t be nervous. Don’t be shy. During this week of learning the basics, you learn, laugh, share and explore the craft of photography with an instructor who makes the process fun. Split between classroom lectures, hands-on field shoots and critique sessions, your education comes from listening to topics as they are explained in a logical manner indoors, and from good old-fashioned trial and error outdoors. Your instructor teaches you shutter speeds, aperture, ISO and how they all work together to determine exposure. You learn how to interpret your camera’s histogram, adjust the white balance and use its various metering modes. Benefit from an A-to-Z lecture about equipment including cameras, lenses and tripods. Learn techniques for composition that make your images stand out and how to use depth of field to your creative advantage. Group critiques allow you to identify areas in which you can improve while also allowing you to view the work created by your classmates.

Considerations: This workshop is for beginning photographers who want to learn to use their camera on manual mode.

Come on out and join us for our Basic Photography course in 2012!  The only thing standing between you and that photograph you dream is possible is the knowledge and experience needed in mastering your camera. This is where we can help!

RMSP will be teaching in the following locations this year:

In Missoula, Montana
February 18-24 with Doug Johnson
June 9-15 with Doug Johnson
July 7-13 with Kathy Eyster
July 14-20 with Doug Johnson
September 8-14 with Kathy Eyster

In Fredricksberg, Texas
April 7-13 with Lynn Hoffman-Brouse

In Boise, Idaho
May 19-25 with Doug Johnson

In Salt Lake City
June 23-29 with Lynn Hoffman-Brouse

In Indianapolis, IN
October 13-19 with Eileen Rafferty

Basic Photography is appropriate for absolute beginners including young people and those with a little more experience. You may register either online at www.rmsp.com or by phone at (800) 394-7677. If you might have any questions about the workshop please contact Workshops Director at suel@rmsp.com or by phone at (800) 394-7677.

This course is not exclusive to people with digital SLR cameras although most students will bring one. If you’d like to learn about a new generation of camera that would be just fine to take our photography classes with, you may read about it in this informative article.