Career Training Video Instructor, Anne Medley: Training Citizen Journalists in Tunisia

Anne Medley, a photojournalist, videographer and educator based in the United States is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project called “Speak Out Tunisia: A Citizen Journalism Training Project.”  She is hoping to secure enough funding by January 25th of this year so that she can train recently liberated Tunisian citizens (January 14th marked the 1 year anniversary) to become citizen journalists. Anne will teach these individuals about multimedia production as well as ethics to help them become a network of ethical journalists who can report stories about their  communities to the world.

As she wrote in a recent article for PBS Media Shift:

“With the power of the media now in the hands of every citizen with a smartphone, questions about ethics and accuracy are working their way through the journalism industry—how do we know what we see on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is true? Who are the media watchdogs for a form of journalism rooted in unedited immediacy?”

To learn more about “Speak Out Tunisia: A Citizen Journalism Training Project check out this introduction to Anne’s project.

The goal is to start this project in March…that’s a little over a month from now.  At the time that this article was written she had reached $13,505 of her $19,000 goal. Check out Speak Out Tunisia: A Citizen Journalism Training Project to learn more about how you can get involved.


Anne’s “work is part of a burgeoning trend in journalism training for the masses.” She is no stranger to working with underrepresented groups. Two years ago, Anne spent three months teaching multimedia journalism to a group of students at a small university in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here’s the website for that project.


To learn more about Anne Medley check out these links:

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We are so grateful to have Anne teach multimedia production to our Career Training students. She is an instructor who is exceptional at both challenging and inspiring her students. If you are looking to expand your own skills with multimedia, come on out for Career Training this year! She will immerse you in the fundamentals of working with DSLR video covering video capture techniques, composition, story telling, audio, lighting and editing. Motion is here to stay.  Now is the perfect time to explore how you see and interpret our world with both stills and video. One by one, we can all make a difference.